One-in-four Brits regret how much they have drunk at Christmas parties

More than a quarter of Britons have regrets about the amount of alcohol they consume at Christmas parties, a survey has revealed.

Asked in a Populus some 28 per cent said they regretted how much they had drunk at Christmas parties.

People in the North East and North West have the most regrets about drinking too much at the Christmas do – 38 and 37 percent respectively.

The poll showed that 39 per cent of those aged between 25 – 34 years old regretted drinking too much at Christmas parties – more than any other age group, with those aged over 55 years old expressing the least regret about how much they had drunk.

Separately, some 55 per cent of respondents said they wished the food served at their Christmas parties was better, suggesting an overhaul was needed.

Younger people are more likely than older workers to want better Christmas party food. More than 65 percent of people aged between 25 and 34 years old said they thought improvement was needed, compared to fewer than half of workers over 65 years old.

Workers in Northern Ireland were least satisfied with the food served at their Christmas gettogether, with six-in-ten people claiming that a better menu was needed.

Rosalind Rathouse, Founder of Cookery School at Little Portland Street, said: “Office parties have become infamous for the booze-fuelled antics that everyone regrets in the morning. But what this poll confirms is that people are crying out for an alternative to the standard office Christmas party model.

“Putting on a great Christmas party is all about creating an experience where staff are given the time to enjoy each other’s company while enjoying a fabulous meal.

“This Christmas provides the perfect opportunity for firms to discover a new way of marking the start of the festive season with a party that their staff appreciate, learn from and remember for all the right reasons.”