Nigel Mansell’s son joins Baroness Mone on WeShop board to accelerate progress

Nigel Mansell’s son joins Baroness Mone on WeShop board

WeShop is one of those retail start-ups with a lengthy list of millionaire founder shareholders, from Betfair’s Andrew Black to Cazoo’s Alex Chesterman.

The business once known as the Social Superstore pulled off a mini Spac before Christmas, despite losing £3.8 million in 2019.

It has some headline-grabbing board members, too, including Baroness Mone, the Ultimo lingerie entrepreneur currently fighting cronyism allegations over the supply of PPE to the NHS and she has now been joined by Leo Mansell, son of Mone’s fellow Isle of Manner, Formula One champ Nigel.

Father and son are both WeShop shareholders and former racing drivers. Indeed, Nigel has been involved since its early days when it was dubbed “Pinterest that pays”, as it offered cash rewards to users who promoted items on their social media feeds.

Leo, 37, steps up to the board podium shortly before WeShop goes live with a new service where shoppers get shares as a loyalty bonus.