Fitbakes to launch UK’s first sugar-free caramel cake after crowdfund

“I want to do for cakes what Halo Top did for ice cream”, said Ella Rauen-Prestes, founder of Fitbakes. “Cake is ingrained in the culture of the UK.

It’s seen as an essential item that doesn’t even have VAT on it. But my mission is to give consumers a healthier choice.”

The nutritionist started the company in 2018 on her kitchen table in the Cotswolds, recognising that there was a huge gap in the market for indulgent treats that are high in protein and contain no sugar.

Ella has just launched a crowdfunding campaign with Seedrs to help Fitbakes launch its next product which is a UK first; a millionaire caramel cake.

Ella Rauen-Prestes, founder of Fitbakes“It’s our most indulgent and rich treat to date”, said Ella. “Our millionaire caramel cake has taken a long time to develop as we struggled to find a sugar-free caramel that stood up to the job. We eventually found a traditional caramel manufacturer in France who managed to create a version without sugar which is delicious and has the perfect texture. It only contains natural sweeteners – absolutely nothing artificial.”

Fitbakes has already secured a top listing in 1,000 Tesco stores to be included as part of their meal deal offering later this year. The brand is also listed in Co-op and Selfridges.

Growing up in Brazil, Ella was used to finding natural alternatives to sugar. During the 1980s, her family used Stevia as a natural alternative to sugar – so a healthier approach to baking is second nature to her.

She started out by selling batches of cakes to friends and at the gym before building her own website and starting to sell online. The Fitbakes website launched in February 2017 and by February 2018, she has quit her job to focus on building the brand.

Ella said, “The UK has the largest baking goods market in the world, valued at £8bn, and until Fitbakes launched, there wasn’t a healthy alternative. We are the only indulgent cake compliant to the new government HFSS policy, meaning that from April 2022, no other brand in the aisle might be able to advertise or promote in store.

“Our cakes have 90% less sugar, 60% less calories and 200% more protein than leading cake brands, and have no artificial sweeteners, flavourings or colourings.

“To be listed in major multiple retailers and be a prominent alternative in the snacking and meal deal aisle not only makes business sense but it’s going to be beneficial for those looking for a healthier but tasty snack option.”