Gustare Honey launches Crowdcube campaign

Gustare Honey

Produced by artisan beekeepers across farms in the pristine Australian wilderness, Gustare Honey offers a range of monofloral premium raw honeys. The bees are never exposed to chemicals or antibiotics and their natural resistance and good health provides a tastier, purer honey. The honey in the jar is as it would be in the hive.

Gustare Honey plans to fill a supply gap in the market with their raw honey range. Due to the declining production of honey caused by bee colonies dying out (Greenpeace data shows that it’s at rates as high as 53 per cent in Europe and 40 per cent in America) there is a potential shortage of honey in the northern hemisphere. Gustare’s honey, however, is produced by healthy bees in Australia.

Most supermarket honey has no clear provenance, is over filtered and blended, with associated health benefits lost.

Gustare Honey offers a different product with unique attributes:

  • Raw: The honey in the jar is as it would be in the hive.
  • Natural: The honey is produced in vast, undisturbed pristine eucalyptus forests in Australia.
  • Provenance:  Pollination sites are closely guarded secrets. Direct provenance for each batch of honey is known by our artisan beekeepers.
  • Rare: Our monofloral honeys are not blended together. Some eucalyptus trees flower only once every 5 to 15 years, making the honey rare and exclusive.
  • Range: We’re able to present over 40 different honeys. Each honey fits behind a flavour profile; Delicate, Mild, Rich, and Strong, so you’ll be able to find a honey to suit your taste.

Looking to raise £150,000, Gustare Honey has only just launched in the UK market this September.

Having attracted attention from high-profile food bloggers and being covered in top food & drink magazines, Gustare Honey is gaining momentum. Listed on distributors CLF and Tree of Life, Gustare’s products are also now stocked in Fenwick Newcastle.

Gustare Honey is planning to bring over 40 different varieties of honey to the market over the next few years. Some are seasonal and others are exceptionally rare due to the plant species only flowering once every 15 years. Gustare Honey is currently marketing five different categories of superb honeys: Delicate, Mild, Rich and Strong, as well as the new Pure Manuka (Jelly Bush).

The creators of Gustare Honey are Paul Costa and Jason Hayward-Jones. Paul has been producing honey in Australia for over 20 years and Jason is a farming and rural food expert.

Paul and Jason were inspired and motivated to create the Gustare Honey brand to offer artisan beekeepers in Australia an alternative route to market for their outstanding raw honeys.

Gustare Honey aims to bring its exceptional product to international customers, starting with the UK, the rest of Europe, the Middle East and East Asia. In the coming years, the brand hopes to expand operations to reach a truly global market.