Eden Project Bond launches on Crowdcube

The Eden Project is an educational charity and visitor attraction in Cornwall, famous for their biomes housing the world’s largest indoor rainforest. The organisation is raising money to develop a home for their educational programme and give young people their first taste of horticulture.

Since opening, total visitors now exceed 16 million and their turnover for the financial year ending 31 March 2015 is expected to be in the region of £22 million. Known to millions of people across the world, within the UK, Eden’s own research shows there is a 60% plus knowledge of the Eden Project name (and what it is) among the adult population.

Eden has been referred to by Homes and Gardens as “the most talked about garden on earth”, by The Times as “the eighth wonder of the world”, by New Zealand House and Garden as “a global must see” and by the New York Times as“a miracle”.

Key Features of the Eden Project Bond:

  • 6% fixed interest p.a.
  • Semi-annual interest payments
  • Your initial investment will be repaid in one lump sum at the end of the four year term
  • £1 million target
  • £500 minimum subscription
  • Investing in mini-bonds involves risk, please #InvestAware

How mini-bonds work…
For example, say you invest £1,000 in the Eden Project Bond, with 6% fixed interest per annum over a four year term, you’ll receive £60 interest per year for the next four years, or £240 in total. When the bond matures after four years, you’ll get back the initial £1,000 you invested.

If you’d like to find out more about the Eden Project Bond, visit their pitch page today for more information.