The Apprentice 2010: The male applicants


Alex Epstein

Age: 26
Occupation: Head of Communications (Unemployed)
Lives: Manchester

Alex Epstein spent much of his childhood dreaming up new products and credits himself with originally conceiving the bendy-bus.  Describing himself as “unconventional”, Alex was a prefect in school and was awarded 10 A* at GCSE.  Sacked from his first job making ice-cream at Haagen Dazs, Alex later found his forte in corporate communications and fell victim to the recession before he applied for The Apprentice. He once sang the American National Anthem with his fellow school pupils to President Bush Snr at a charity dinner.

He Says: “Be different.  When everyone is zigging, you should zag.” 

Chris Bates

Age: 24
Occupation: Investment Banker
Lives:  Surrey

An avid rugby player and scuba diver, Chris Bates has previously worked for leading investment bank JP Morgan after graduating with 1st class honours from Nottingham University.  His past jobs have included working in an off-license and a pub and he considers his intelligence to be his biggest strength.   Chris names Gordon Ramsey as one of his greatest business icons and would love to head up a pharmaceutical company that finds a cure for worldwide illnesses.

He Says: “Business is ultimately about getting the basics spot on.  If you get the simple things right you will succeed.”

Christopher Farrell

Age: 28
Occupation: Mortgage Broker
Lives: Cheshire 

Ex-Royal Marine Commando Christopher Farrell served his country for ten years, enlisting at the age of 16 and going on to serve in areas of conflict including Iraq, Northern Ireland, Kosovo and Afghanistan before moving into a new role as a mortgage broker.  A keen golfer, Chris is also committed to health and fitness and describes himself as “focused and driven”.  

He Says:  “I was a sniper in the Royal Marines and I take that killer instinct across into business.”

Dan Harris

Age: 34
Occupation: Sales Director
Lives: Oxfordshire

Father-of-two Dan Harris is a former Triathalon competitor and Ironman enthusiast.  Dan has completed three marathons as well as climbing to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, and he once held the world record for the fastest ascent and descent of Mount Kenya.  His first business idea came as a university student where he launched a nightclub promotions company and he later worked as a recruitment consultant before moving into the IT sector.  Dan, who lives with his two children and fiancée, once played a German soldier as an extra in hit movie Saving Private Ryan.

He says: “In business there’s no place for shirkers and no place for passengers.  I insist that people who work for me deliver.” 

Jamie Lester

Age: 28
Occupation: Overseas Property Developer
Lives: London

One of four children, former estate agent Jamie Lester is a big fan of dogs, cars and skiing.  Hugely into property development, he owned two properties by the age of 23 and started his own company at 24, turning over £1,000,000 in 2 and-a-half years.  He describes himself as “honest and trustworthy”.

He says: “I’m very motivated and entrepreneurial – you need to go out there and get your hands dirty.”

Raleigh Addington

Age: 22
Occupation: Unemployed Graduate
Lives: London

Born in Swindon, recent graduate Raleigh is the son of a farmer and a nurse and spent his gap year living in Shanghai, China.  A professional tennis coach, Raleigh studied Economics and Politics at Exeter University and once elicited a donation of £1,000,000 when working in the university’s fund raising department.  He refers to John Cadbury as a business inspiration and describes himself as “enthusiastic, friendly and ambitious.”

He says: “I’m ruthless, even in Monopoly.”

Shibby Robati

Age: 27
Occupation: Surgeon & Business Owner
Lives: London

Born in Leeds, Shibby Robati got his first job working as a paper boy at the age of 17 and went on to become a fully qualified surgeon.  He has since turned his hand to business development and says that his biggest strength is in knowing his weaknesses.  A voice impersonator and self-confessed comedian, Shibby successfully made £150,000 turnover and over £90,000 profit in the first year of setting up two businesses.

He says: “My first word wasn’t mummy.  It was money”

Stuart Baggs

Age: 21
Occupation: Telecoms Entrepreneur
Lives:  Isle of Man

Born in Plymouth, The Apprentice’s youngest ever candidate Stuart Baggs is a lover of fast cars and technology.  His first venture into business came when he started selling yo’yo’s in the school playground and he later went on to launch his own telecommunications company at the age of 18.  A keen adrenalin junkie with hobbies including abseiling, powerboat racing and rock-climbing, Stuart also describes himself as having “no sense of political correctness.”

He says: “’I’m Stuart Baggs ‘The Brand’ – I’ve got a certain type of charisma.”

All images courtesy of BBC & TalkBack Thames