Secrets to success: Andy Singleton

2. What products or services do you provide?
YESSS supply a wide range of high quality electrical products and services to the professional and consumer market. Our customers range from large electrical contractors to sole-traders and home improvement consumers.

3. What is your USP?
YESSS has a number of USP’s. We are a dynamic and forward thinking electrical wholesaler which is what makes us stand out from our competitors. Unlike many electrical wholesalers we have adopted a new, modern approach which puts the customer first. Our people are also our USP, the majority of our staff have years of industry experience and knowledge. At YESSS we are committed to staff training on both products and personal skills and all of our employees are members of the YESSS Academy, our purpose built training centre, which is something we offer that many of our competitors don’t.

4. What have you done to make sure you get the right people with the right skills in place?
We pride ourselves on employing the best talent available. Every member of staff is brought through the Academy, which is important as it means customers feel confident that the team member dealing with them shares their passion for the industry and can help them find the right product and solutions for their requirements.

5. Do you have any tips for managing suppliers and customers effectively?
Both suppliers and customers in the industry have for many years experienced average levels of service. We however have a fresh approach to the service offered to customers and suppliers to ensure they get exactly what they want – on time and competitively priced. Our brand name signifies our approach to all of our customers and suppliers – Supplies, Service and Solutions.

6. Any finance and cash-flow tips?
As a new business we’ve had to pay special attention to cash flow over the last two years. It’s important to develop good relationships with banks and investors and always be honest. People invest in people, so keeping a good rapport with your bank and investors is key. YESSS also launched when the economy was still in the grip of recession which, given our growth to date, is an achievement we are extremely proud of.

7. Any advice for the Government?
An area which is key to our industry at the moment is the way government subsidises renewable energy. I believe it’s important for the government to continue investing in green schemes however I feel that these schemes need to be managed more efficiently. Many of these schemes are great but then generally run out of money. My advice to the government would be to continue investing in green schemes but assess how they can be managed more efficiently.

8. What is your attitude towards your competitors?
It’s good to have healthy competition. Our arrival into the market has shaken up a few of our competitors as we have come in with a fresh new approach to wholesaling and the market. More and more of our competitors are moving towards our approach which in the long term is positive as it ensures that the customer will certainly benefit.

9. Any thoughts on the future of your company?
We have big plans for the future of YESSS, only in its second year, we are looking to expand within the market and grow our branches across the UK. The Invictus Games is also a great platform for us, our support for this event links to the long term growth and vision of YESSS. It will bring about a huge amount of brand exposure for us as well employment opportunities. Through our support we will be exploring training opportunities to develop innovative ways to enhance the valuable role of veterans as skilled employees, as a way of maintaining a lasting legacy for the Games. We’re already fully committed to opening more UK branches and creating hundreds of additional jobs.