My Influences: Philip Brennan

Philip Brennan

Launched in April 2015 has forged relationships with both new lenders and high street banks boasting the most comprehensive list of business financial help products in the UK.

Head of, Philip Brennan previously worked at and Bank of America.

Entrepreneur you admire

James Watt and Martin Dickie the Brew Dog boys. They have come in and disrupted an industry which has been controlled by the big corporations for a long time. They have a passion for what they do and have also been very smart with their marketing and PR. All of this so far away from trendy London in far reaches of Aberdeenshire! Also they have vision and are creating a global brand. I would love to share a “Dead Pony Club” with them one day.

Favourite Film

Big with Tom Hanks, it is a classic.


The Beta Band, Three EP’S album reminds of my university time when I was cool, it is very bohemian.

Favourite TV Show

It may be a little too easy but I think Game of Thrones is amazing I love how they are able to develop so many story lines at once. If we are looking historically it would the comedy shows Brass Eye or Alan Partridge – pure genius.


I only go with my dad in Liverpool once or twice a year to the Empire or Royal court. For the likes of Lennon, You’ll Never Walk Alone and Blood Brothers.

What is your favourite holiday destination?

For a city break I love Budapest cheap, beautiful, good beer, good food and good night life. For a longer break the Whitsunday islands in Australia are amazing, white beaches and fantastic diving, but everyone goes to the east coast, if you want true wilderness travel up the west coast from Perth to Darwin.

One Piece of advice to a new Start Up

Trust the people you work with and have a motivated team. A majority of time is spent working so we should enjoy it. If someone is not working with you they are working against you so let them go before they bring you and your team down. You need to have trust so that they can share responsibilities – you cannot manage everything yourself. The best managers know how to delegate – it is not being lazy.