Getting to Know You: Chris O’Connor

What do you currently do?
As CEO of Chris O’Connor Promotions, I manage what is currently the largest independent hospitality agent at Manchester United Football Club. Covering all hospitality areas from a 3 course meals/boat cruises to match day tickets at old Trafford and private suites/boxes, we are one of only 5 companies throughout the world that have been given “authorised reseller” status by Manchester United Football Club.
As with Manchester United, Chris O’Connor Promotions are the largest independent hospitality agent at the MEN Arena with VIP seats with private VIP bar access through to luxury private suites which encompass all the glitz and glamour of going to a concert/event at the MEN Arena.         
What is your inspiration in business? 
To be the number one corporate hospitality/event management company throughout the UK! I take my inspiration from many people who have built their business like me from start up through to the polished companies that we now have.
With the recent breaking into the event management, many premiership footballers/celebs are now signed to Chris O’Connor Promotions books so that we now look after their charity events in 2011. This can only grow strength to strength!
Who do you admire? 
I wouldn’t say there is anyone person I admire, what I do admire is high achievers, risk takers, go getter’s-people who roll their sleeves up and get stuck in. These are the qualities I strive towards and admire anyone who does the same. The reason I called my company after my name is that I don’t hide behind any fancy “tag” for my company. I put my name to my work and if anything should go wrong everyone knows it’s me, thus the reason we have grown so quickly – we don’t make mistakes!
Looking back, are there things you would have done differently?
I would have employed more staff earlier on in the business as you can’t make money or do everything 100% whilst operating with a skeleton staff – more staff = more wages but the more staff you have the more time you have to go out and find the business.
What defines your way of doing business? 
Honesty, respecting others, rewarding loyal clients and generally being a nice person to do business with and help others wherever and whenever possible.
What advice would you give to someone just starting out?
Look after what customers you begin with as these with increase your database without spending money on advertising your business. As long as you look after your clients and have something that people want and don’t be too greedy to make money out of your hard work.