Getting to know you: Sean Mallon

What do you currently do?

I’m CEO and founder of, an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of businesses. We have built an online platform where businesses can be bought and sold without the need for brokers or agents, allowing our users huge savings on time and broker fees.

What is the inspiration behind your business? 

I’ve been helping small business owners buy and sell businesses for over ten years, and in that time the marketplace hasn’t changed much. I wanted to disrupt this industry by providing a more credible option for small business owners wanting to sell their business, by providing all the tools they need using technology as well as the marketplace to make it happen. When hard-working business owners decide to sell up, brokerages can help them find a buyer. But traditional brokerages tie business owners into strict 12-month contracts, are often too slow to act and charge sellers up to 15% of their sale fee. I’m inspired by our mission to give business owners the flexibility and price point to sell on with far lower outlay.

Looking back, is there anything you would have done differently?

Very little if I’m honest. I’ve made a lot of mistakes, but I learn quickly and pivot when I think its right. The biggest mistake I did make in the early stages of the business was not hiring our own design and development team. Early on we spent a lot of money on external contractors, and while the work was to a high standard, you cannot overestimate the benefit of having a team internally that is living and breathing the design of the site. Since hiring our own team, the business has accelerated further and we have the power to make instant changes to the site that improves our customer’s experience.

Overall though, I think making mistakes is healthy and all part of the journey providing lessons are being learnt on the way.

What defines your way of doing business? 

I think it’s probably the passion to make a difference. I want to be the best at what we do but I want it to be done right, no shortcuts. Our team is driven by making a difference to small business owners and those aspiring to own a business, by providing an excellent service with all the guidance they need.

Who do you admire? 

I admire anyone who has the tenacity to start, buy or run a business – no matter what size. Business owners live and breathe what they do, it becomes all consuming in many ways. I also admire anyone who is married to a business owner!

What advice would you give someone starting up? 

I would ensure you set short and long term goals for your business, this is an easy way to measure your success and push yourself. I’d also start developing a great team as early as possible. I used to think I could do anything and would get involved in all aspects of the business, however I realised that through finding people who are better than you at certain things you will have far more success much quicker – so focus on what you are best at.