Getting To Know You: Melissa Snover, Founder & CEO, Nourished

Melissa Snover, talks about the inspiration that led her to creating the world’s first truly personalised nutrient gummy which has seen them become a finalist in the growth business of the year category of the 2023 Business Champion Awards

What do you currently do at ‘Nourished’

I am the Founder & CEO of the business. Here at Nourished, we pride ourselves on being the world’s first truly personalised nutrient gummy. It’s unique in the market because it rejects the one size fits all approach to vitamin supplementation and puts the needs of the customer at the centre.

Consumers can complete a short lifestyle quiz on our website, where upon completion, a science-backed algorithm makes a recommendation of seven vitamins, superfoods and nutrients best suited to the user’s lifestyle, body and goals.

Nourished delivers bespoke customer orders on demand in 100% plastic-free packaging, with less waste, hassle and cost than purchasing all of the vitamins separately. We are able to take this approach thanks to our unique, patented 3D printing technology, which allows the seven-layered gummy stacks to be manufactured bespoke on demand.

Now is a really exciting time for the business as we explore new markets and continue to expand upon our initial success. We have recently partnered with huge brands such as Neutrogena and Colgate and continue to seek out opportunities to further our offering.

What was the inspiration behind your business?

It was actually a rather amusing story that kickstarted the idea for Nourished. As an avid consumer of vitamins for over a decade, I used to take a large bag on my business trips of different pills, tablets, and supplements. A full cocktail of supplementation!

This was always a nightmare at airport security, having to remove the bag for the scanner. On one such occasion, I accidentally dropped the bag and sent pills sprawling across the floor! I had to crawl around in my suit and heels, picking them up – quite the ordeal! I knew there had to be a more convenient way to take vitamins, and the idea for Nourished was born.

Our personalised vitamin stacks solve that issue, amongst others, by providing convenient, easy-to-take chewable gummies, allowing travellers to pack just one gummy for each day of their trip – rather than a cocktail of different pills.

 Who do you admire?

I admire my CTO, Martyn Catchpole, who is an incredible 3D printing expert in the industry. He has demonstrated remarkable technical skills and leadership qualities, developing the prototype for Nourished in just 18 months and continuously optimising the technology, enabling the company to respond to customer demands, improve, and grow rapidly. Working with him since 2015, I have seen firsthand his passion, dedication, and drive, which has been an inspiration to me.

Looking back, is there anything you would have done differently?

Yes, there are definitely some things I would have done differently. I have learned that confidence and self-belief are crucial to success in business, and I regret not realising that earlier in my entrepreneurial career. I made mistakes along the way, including not trusting my instincts, which led to set-backs. I also realised that it’s important to surround yourself with a passionate and dedicated team who you can rely on. In my first venture, I tried to handle everything myself, but it wasn’t sustainable or scalable. However, at Nourished, I have a fantastic team who provides support and allows me to focus on top-line strategies, raising investment, and expanding into new markets. Delegating responsibilities has been key to ensuring the longevity of the business.

What defines your way of doing business?

My approach to doing business is centred around teamwork and trust. I am fortunate to have a highly talented and dedicated team, including my CTO Martyn Catchpole and COS Caitlin Stanley, who have been working with me since 2015 and who have both been instrumental to our success. I believe that working together with a positive and fun attitude is crucial to achieving great results.

Through experience, I have learned that you can’t control everything and that having the right team in place is essential to success. I focus on finding experts in their respective fields and ensuring they are committed to our vision.

What advice would you give to someone starting out?

As an entrepreneur, there will always be factors you cannot control when starting your business. Resilience to these is such an important aspect of running a business. Ensuring you have a trusted and passionate team around you, who share your vision, will allow you to overcome challenges and find solutions that lead to success.

Commit your time and efforts into establishing your brand and compile data, so you know exactly what your customers want. It is important to create a business that delivers a clear benefit to the end consumer, rather than just developing a product which you think is cool.

I also think networking is hugely important for advancing your career in business. I find it incredibly interesting speaking to other people in my field at events across the country and abroad, to learn how they face challenges and grow their businesses.

Nourished are a finalist in this years Business Champion Awards in the Growth Business of the Year