Getting to know you Gergo Csiszar, CEO & Co-Founder, PostForRent

Gergo Csiszar joins us to tell Business Matters what is inspiration for starting PostForRent was and what, if he could, do differently.

What do you currently do at PostForRent?

I am the founder and CEO of the company, overseeing the entirety of the business’s operations.

There’s great variety in the role and I have quite a few focuses! I define the main strategic direction for the group and monitor and manage all of our different departments. I also oversee all of our agency and talent management services.

Finally, as we’re currently looking to expand internationally, I am managing that process too, which comes with a whole new suite of challenges.

What was the inspiration behind your business?

Like many in my generation, I started using social media at a young age and soon developed a keen interest in the sector.

I’d always thought that all of our decisions would eventually be driven by the interactions that take place online, but I didn’t realise the scale of the opportunity in front of me until I was studying in Shanghai. Lots of my classmates were inadvertently promoting brands through their social media posts, and I predicted that all of this content would sooner or later come at a cost, given the benefits that it provides to companies.

This was the genesis of Post For Rent. I wanted to create a marketplace where you would be able to commission branded content or receive offers for content creation. I visualised my company creating a direct line to each and every social media channel, providing access for anyone who pays a fair value for content, while simultaneously giving influencers greater access to monetised opportunities, and that’s exactly what we have built!

Who do you admire?

Undoubtedly Lebron James. I was always a huge fan, but ever since his 2016 comeback, he has simply been operating on a different level! He’s become much bigger than basketball. His leadership, confidence and practice-honed ability are all major inspirations for me!

To me, his perseverance and willingness to keep on pushing himself represents extreme willpower and inner faith, which is something that all of us who dream big need, no matter what we do in our lives.

Looking back, is there anything you would have done differently?

No. Even if I said yes, I’m not sure that I’d be in a better position than I am currently. I’d be in a different place for sure, but there’s no guarantee that it’d be of more value to myself or PostForRent.

Of course, it’s important that we learn from our mistakes. I try to be decisive when evaluating situations, making sure to avoid any repetition of previous mistakes. Failures in business are unfortunately a necessity, as they help mould you into a more credible and experienced leader.

What defines your way of doing business?

Dreaming bigger. It’s our slogan and best describes me in every aspect of life. I look at people, businesses and situations for what they could be, rather than just what they are at present.

What advice would you give to someone starting out?

Don’t rush, you may have seemingly endless passion and energy but you will burn out if you don’t pace yourself, which will kill your productivity. 

The world of business isn’t a sprint, if you keep on working, learning from your mistakes as you go, then success will come.

Don’t become distracted by stories of overnight success, be patient and allow yourself to enjoy all of the smaller milestones on your journey – they’re just as important as the ambition running through your veins.