Getting To Know You: Gavin Littlejohn, Founder & CEO of Money Dashboard

What do you currently do?
I am the Founder and CEO of Money Dashboard, an online platform and app that helps UK consumers be good with money. Money Dashboard gives its users a complete view of their spending across all of their accounts by automatically tagging spending in different categories, from groceries to travel. It shows people where they’re overspending, helping them to budget better and realise their goals, whether that is saving for a big holiday, moving house or getting married. We help people take control of their finances, and empower them to make the right financial decisions.

What is your inspiration in the business?
Traditional markets have evolved to put products, rather than customers, at the core of their proposition. I’m inspired to create a new ecosystem that reverses those priorities. A platform which leverages consumer data to put them in control, and make informed choices about managing their money, seems like a good place to fulfil that mission.

Who do you admire?
I admire Steve Jobs for his relentless focus on the customer journey and deeply integrated experiences, and Lord Beaverbrook for his speed in doing business and cutting through bureaucracy. They are traits that are challenging to emulate but worth pursuing.

Looking back are there things you would have done differently?
The business has had a few challenges and changes of direction in its early development. My regrets are not usually about decisions we made or the wrong turns we took, but about not changing direction or making decisions sooner.

What defines your way of doing business?
Thinking big, finding talented people to work with and trying to have some fun along the way.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out?
Do more, plan less, make mistakes, change course – but maintain a clear vision. Our pivots have never been on the vision, just on the strategy.