Getting to know you: Chris Noblet

What do You Currently Do?
I am the CEO of Rivo, a global SaaS business, so basically my job is to set a direction and then  to remove the barriers stopping everyone else in the business from getting us there. With Rivo’s growth being truly global, this means I spend a lot of time travelling. 

What is your inspiration in business?
Making a difference (positively hope!). I like working with organisations and markets that are changing and with people who understand the benefit of that change. At Rivo, this is fairly easy as our product is already making a huge impact in the market with its social user interface and speed to implementation.

Who Do You Admire?
Stephen Covey is a great commentator on management and leadership.  He has very simple and practical advice.  I also admire those who have taken big risks that have ultimately paid off.  Many forget the bad times they have been through when the good times arrive!

Looking Back, Would You Have Done Things Differently?
Not much.  I am happy with where I am today which, by definition, that  is as a result of the choices I made earlier in life.

What Defines Your Way of Doing Business?
Firstly I believe in defining what success looks like – start with the end in mind as Stephen Covey says.  I also believe that if you are to develop effective relationships with your customers, there has to be something in it for both you and the customer.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out?
Take whatever management training you can get. I received a lot of training when I was at Arthur Andersen and that helped to define the way in which I do business. I still jump at the chance when training opportunities arise.