How to make a QR code menu for your restaurant or bar in the Post-COVID-19 lockdown

QR code menu

QR code menu allows guests to digitally view the menu items, avoiding them to touch the physical menu!

As restaurants, bars, and cafes in the United Kingdom are starting to welcome customers in the Post-COVID-19 world, a new set of rules and implementations have changed as we move toward the ‘new normal’ society set-up.

To reduce the health risk among diners brought by cardboard menus in which viruses could linger, the use of contact-less menu has skyrocketed among restaurant industries in different parts of the globe, to ensure safety among employees and customers dining in many restaurants and visiting pubs.

QR code menu is the new normal in 2020 and beyond!

The pandemic has caused abrupt changes in the consumers’ behavior.

Customers have become more guarded and self-conscious about where they eat and what they touch.

To adapt to these sudden socio-economic changes, digital advances like a PDF QR code menu is the best in-the-now available solution to address this concern among many customers, while leveraging their dine-in experience!

Moreover, QR code menu is one way to highlight restaurants and bars sanitation practices, while clearly and safely communicating to their customers.

Needless to say, the QR code technology has become a popular, life-saving counterpart during this emergency health crisis!

How to make a QR code menu in a PDF or JPEG?

  • Go to a QR Code generator online
  • Upload your PDF or JPEG menu in the ‘File’ category
  • Click Generate QR code
  • Customize your QR code
  • Test your QR code menu
  • Download your PDF QR code
  • Deploy your QR code

How to make a QR code menu in a PDF in 7simple steps!

Step 1:Go to a QR Code generator online.

To generate your QR code menu in a PDF file, you need to use a QR code generator online.

There are a lot of QR code soft wares you can find on the internet, but- it must possess the must-have qualities of a QR code generator.

An ideal QR code generator to use should have good credibility, regularly updating with efficient customer support, allows multiple designing options for your QR code menu, and editable or updateable even in real-time!

Step 2: Upload your PDF menu in the ‘File’ category

PDF QR code is under the file category. Simply upload your PDF file menu in the ‘File’ solution.

Step 3: Click “Generate QR code.”

To start generating your PDF QR code menu for your restaurant and bar, tap “generate QR code” button.

Step 4: Customize your QR code

Make your QR code a part of your restaurant or bar branding!

A well-custom made QR code leaves a lasting impression on your customer! Do some effort and make it fancy and stunning! But that doesn’t mean you need to come up with an over-customized design!

Personalizing it by simply adding your restaurant or bar logo, setting the colors, and adding unique edges and frames will make it stand out than the monochromatic QR code colors!

Make your QR code menu attractively simple, yet noteworthy to remember!

Step 5: Test your QR code menu

Even before downloading your QR code menu, always do a scan test! Make sure it scans and check if you have entered the right menu guide.

If you already have printed your PDF QR code menu and found errors in the list once scanning, there is no need to worry. A PDF QR code is dynamic in nature, which means, you can edit or replace your PDF QR code with the right data even if it has been deployed or printed! This saves you a large portion of your expenses!

Step 6: Download your PDF QR code menu

After finalizing and checking your PDF QR code menu, click on the download button! You can also save your QR code as a template!

Step 7: Deploy your QR code

Print your QR code in your menu materials and get started with your contactless PDF QR code menu!

6 main advantages of why you should use QR code menu instead of a cardboard menu!


We all know how reducing close contact and social distancing is necessary to avoid multiplying the disease!

Viruses can spread on many surfaces, and your menus are no exemption!

QR code menus are touch-less! Your customers can access the PDF QR code menu and view it using their smartphones!

The digital menu is accessible using smartphone devices

QR codes are made to be scanned by smartphone users, which makes it easier to deploy. Everyone owns a smartphone in this era, who doesn’t have one, right?

A QR code menu is economical

A QR code menu is cost-efficient, and it can save you a large portion of your budget expenses that goes through printing thousands of menu cardboards which easily get worn out over time! Moreover, it will only cost you hiring a professional designer every now and then!

You can update your menu anytime

Have additional food offers on the list? A PDF QR code menu is a type of dynamic QR code, where you can edit your menu! Just click on the ‘Track Data’ button of the QR code generator and click on the ‘File’ menu to replace your data with a new one!

QR code menus are eco-friendly

Menus, when transformed into a QR code, is digital. That means you are producing fewer paper wastes!

Your guests cannot only view the menu conveniently using their smartphones, but you are also reducing the amount of carbon footprint your restaurant business contributes to the landfill!

Disposable menus are not sustainable and they make no long-term impact!

QR code menu has durability when use

One of the interesting and practical features of a QR code is its ability to withstand the test of time!

The QR code technology has a built-in correction error capacity. Meaning, even if your QR code menu has been slightly worn-out or defaced, they have the ability to restore the information and can still function! That makes them long-lasting than menu cardboards!

Switch to a QR code menu now!

Money is the fuel to keep your business running, but valuing your customers and employees safety during this pandemic matters more!

If you put your customers’ and guests’ safety on top of your priority by implementing safety tools such as a touch-less menu through QR codes, they will more likely to remember your service and appreciate you!

Automate what you can automate if needed!

Affordable tech-devices like QR codes can be used to transform your menus digital while being cost-efficient. The QR code technology is easy to employ, navigate, and you don’t need to be a QR code enthusiast to learn it!  Just head over to a QR code generator online and start generating your PDF menu QR code now!

Prevent COVID With QR Code And Disinfection

COVID-19 has indeed changed different aspects of people’s lives. Even top industries are now thinking of innovative ways to adjust to the new normal. The government has set forth guidelines as to the allowed number of customers to dine at restaurants and proper disinfection of food establishments.

One of the things that you want to do is learn how to disinfect a restaurant. This will save you from any health risks and possible food contamination that may occur. The best way to do this is to make sure that everything in your restaurant is clean and disinfected by using an approved cleaning solution (commercially available disinfectants or chlorine and water solution). Also, ensure that there are no dangerous or potentially hazardous products on the floor that might cause contamination.

In addition to disinfection, it’s important to prevent COVID by reducing the possibility of transferring or spreading the virus via restaurant items, such as traditional hand-held menu booklets. Using PDF QR code is highly recommended to ensure everyone is safe against COVID-19.

Embracing Innovation Is The Key To Thriving In The New Normal

COVID-19 created a huge struggle for traditional businesses to shift into digital technology to cope up with the challenges of the new normal. Many people never thought that the use of artificial intelligence and other digital innovations will be too soon. But, all of a sudden, the use of digital technology reaches its peak.

Using QR codes is now rapidly being implemented to almost any type of business for contactless payments and other business transactions. Restaurant owners are beginning to embrace what was in the past as robotic or futuristic. With PDF QR code generation, a restaurant owner can now accept payments and customers can now order through a digital menu while staying safe from coronavirus.