YouTube ranking: how to get more views on YouTube


In a world where everyone is guided by watching YouTube videos, and among several videos available on YouTube, your video should stand out to get more views but in today’s world creating good content is not everything there’s more to it.

Getting a huge number of views is important as it not only helps your channel to grow but also helps more people to view your video as most people prefer to watch videos with a huge number of views only. To gain more views on your YouTube videos, you should try the following tips.

Buy YouTube subscribers

Bring Guest YouTubers

Create Content that Instructs or Amuses

Make Descriptive Titles

Use Keyword Rich Titles

Provide informative and good Descriptions

Use Keyword Rich Descriptions

Buy YouTube views

These are further elaborated:

▪       Buy YouTube subscribers

One of the best ways to gain more views on your YouTube videos is to buy YouTube subscribers. There are a number of sites available on the net via which you can buy YouTube subscribers online. These sites get you real subscribers who watch your videos in real time and they, in turn, increase your account engagement and more specifically, your YouTube video’s views. Moreover, when people see a larger number of subscribers on your page the chance that they view your video also increases as most people tend to watch videos of channels with huge fan followers and subscribers as such channels are considered socially acceptable by a large number of people and hence it is interpreted that the videos of these channels contain good content and that’s the reason there are so many subscribers. So now you don’t need to wait for too long to get your channel the status it deserves, you can buy subscribers online and fast forward the process and gain more views on your YouTube videos. The only thing you need to be careful about while buying these subscribers is that you buy YouTube subscribers from some reliable sites as there are a ton of sites available and not all of them are dependable and reliable. Hence, read reviews first, then buy.

▪       Bring Guest YouTubers

Collab with other content creators and bring guest YouTubers to your YouTube videos, this will encourage the viewers and subscribers of their page to subscribe and view your videos. Viewers will get good and interesting content and hence this will help you to gain views and subscribers as well. You don’t always need to treat your competitors as competitors when they can help you both of you can help each other. You can always do a collab or partnership and bring guest YouTubers in your YouTube videos for creating a certain video, this might also give your viewers some interesting content and their viewers as well. This will also enable you to build a relationship with other content creators or YouTubers which will help you build a connection with their viewers and subscribers as well. This will help you to gain more views on your YouTube videos.

▪       Create Content that Instructs or Amuses

Among other things, the most important thing is to create interesting content. People either watch videos to learn something or for entertainment. Hence, your video should serve the purpose well, it should be either entertaining or informative. Creating a video that stands out among so many videos is very important as there are so many substitutes available for each topic that creating a good and unique content is very tough but also very important in order to gain more views on your YouTube videos. Therefore, research extensively for each video and create unique videos.

▪       Make Descriptive Titles

Make your titles catchy and descriptive, so that people know that watching your video is the best option among hundreds of videos. Titles are very significant in order to grab the attention of the potential viewer. Creating a good title is the most important task that can easily enable your target audience to view your videos and help you gain more views on your YouTube videos easily. Therefore, work on your titles and provide a little information about the video while keeping it short and super catchy! Make sure to create it in a way that it stands out and, in the list, it looks like the most desirable video to watch.

▪       Use Keyword Rich Titles

SEO your YouTube videos

titles. Search engine optimization is very important for your YouTube videos to be visible to your targeted audience so that when they search the related keyword the video is available at the top and to make sure that it doesn’t get lost in the list. So, it is essential to use Search engine optimisation strategies in the title of your YouTube videos. People usually don’t go till the end of the list, most people watch what comes on the top of their lists so it is required to make sure that your video is available on the top of the list and for that, you need to use SEO strategies for your title. It is vital to optimize your title to gain more views on your YouTube videos.

▪       Provide informative and good Descriptions

Make your descriptions informative and descriptive, so that people know what they are watching. Descriptions are very significant, not as important as the title but it does contain a lot of value. Therefore, work on your descriptions and provide a little information about the video while keeping it informative and interesting to read. You can provide instructions or information in a way to attract and grab the attention of your viewer and gain more views on your YouTube videos.

▪       Use Keyword Rich Descriptions

SEO your YouTube videos descriptions. Make sure to include your objective keyword in the description of your video at least once. Always remember it is always good and recommended to use search engine optimisation tactics in the descriptions of your videos as well. It is suggested to optimize your title to gain more views on your YouTube videos.

▪       Buy YouTube views

You can straight away buy YouTube views from online sites available on the internet. These sites will immediately increase your viewer’s count and in no time, you will gain more views on your YouTube videos. You can buy YouTube views from the tons of sites available online. Instead of buying subscribers, you can also buy views, this will directly increase your views on the selected video. But the only thing to keep in mind is to read reviews first and then buy so that you are safe with your purchase and this will make sure that you buy views from a reliable site.