Working & advantages of advanced multimeters


A multimeter is a device used by electricians and mechanics. It is a device testing machine used for calculating electrical units of one or more devices.

There are so many meters which were used in the past but as the technologies are improving day by day, technicians have got the advanced meters that have made their work easy. These meters offer a perfect combination of unique features, looks and smart working.

Now, there are digitalized meters that show a precise value of voltage or electric current in the form of numbers displayed on the screen.


Digital multimeter is used for calculating current, resistance and voltage. It has so many features of which few are mentioned below:

  • Electronic display: –these devices have a display screen to show numeric value of current or voltage in a device. According to those numeric values, mechanical and electrical engineers test the devices.
  • Rotary switch:– You will get a dial in the digital meter. The number written on the dial is the voltage frequency and the switch is used to select the voltage range. You can select the appropriate voltage to test your device.
  • Lead jack: –There are four jacks in a multimeter. Red and black is used for connecting the multimeter. These jacks are also known as com jack or common pin.

How to measure AC volt by digital meter?

Connect black pin with common plug and red pin with V plug. Select the value of voltage by a rotary switch. Choose high voltage if you have no idea about the voltage. Before testing any device, make sure that the power of that device should be off. Connect pins on testing points and switch on the supply power of that device. As you will switch on the power, you will get the numeric value of AC volt.

Advantage of using digital meters

Due to digitization, multimeter accuracy has increased as compared to the old model of analog meters. There were chances to make mistakes while understanding a needle indication but in digital meters you get a specific numeric reading of the current. Digital meters are lighter than old analog meters and easier to carry. Digital meter can be used with both AC and DC current. Digital meter has a battery which has a good power back up so you don’t need to connect a digital meter with the power supply to switch on the multimeter.

Types of digital meters

There are so many digital meters used for different purposes. Few of them are mentioned below:-

  • Fluke digital meter: –Fluke meters are designed with so many different functions. Fluke multimeter’s screen is larger as compared to any other digital meter. There are some advanced Fluke digital meters used to measure humidity and pressure also.
  • Clamp digital meter: –Clamp multimeter has so many different types of settings used for measuring voltage. Mostly clamp meters are used for testing flow of electricity and power consumptions.
  • Analog multimeter: –Analog meters are old model meters used for calculating voltage. There was a needle in multimeter that indicates the value of current or voltage in the circuit.