Why your small business needs an SEO agency

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Ranking in the major search engines has lots of benefits for small businesses. Your business receives free organic traffic, helps in branding your business, and most importantly, you become an authority in your niche.

However, ranking in Google is not child’s play. It requires extensive SEO knowledge and best practices. If you are not competent in SEO, ranking in the search engines can only remain as unattainable or fanciful scheme. Even if you are knowledgeable in SEO, handling your business SEO can eat up most of the time that you would have used in your core area of business. In this article, we’ll show you how an SEO agency can be beneficial to your small business.

Organic Website traffic

Every entrepreneur understands the importance of getting organic website traffic for their business. Nowadays, the majority of business is transacted online hence the performance of a website is highly dependent on its performance in the major search engines. A competent SEO agency such as Ghost Marketing is highly specialized in optimizing websites to rank for relevant keywords. They understand the Google algorithm like the back of their hand. Such an agency will come up with a unique and competent SEO strategy for your business which will attract traffic and conversions.

Building trust and credibility

An SEO agency will help your small business to build credibility and trust through the building of a strong brand. A clean and appealing website that is discoverable in Google will not only bring you traffic and business but also brand your company and its services. An SEO agency will also help your website build a quality backlink profile that’s necessary for ranking, and also optimize on page content and page elements. Your site will be not only discoverable but also user-friendly.

Better user experience

SEO is about providing the best user experience. Search engines favor websites that are helpful to users. Google can easily detect the user experience offered by a website. If for instance, your site has a high bounce rate-meaning that visitors don’t stay on your website, search engines may interpret that to mean poor experience. If your website takes ages to load, that’s also an indicator of poor experience. Google ranks sites that provide the optimal user experience. Hence you need the services of a competent SEO agency to help optimize your website.

An insight into your customers

A highly optimized website will rank in the search engines, enhance user ability, as well as credibility. If you have an analytics tool such as Google analytics setup, you can easily track valuable information about your visitors. Some of the useful data you receive include which type of browser a visitor uses, their location, what keyword brought them to your site, the technology they use, how much time they spend on a page, and the days and time they are most active. You can use popular keywords, publish content on the days and times your users are active, as well as target specific geographical location with unique campaigns.


An SEO agency is more of a necessity for any business desiring to excel. A proper SEO strategy can help your small business become a brand, increase traffic and conversions, provide better user experience while building trust and credibility.