Why your printer is crucial to your law firm’s productivity and security

office printer

Productivity is essential to the success of all offices, whatever their nature of business. If a company is unproductive, both and time and money could be wasted.

Alongside this, in today’s climate, online security has become even more important, especially in the wake of the GDPR compliance regulations.

Luckily, the technology you adopt in your office, especially the printing services you choose, can help you to be not only more productive, but safer too. Here is how:


Ensuring all your staff are productive is crucial to business success. When it comes to the legal services, it’s an increasingly competitive industry, with the possibility of lost time being the difference between winning and losing a new client’s representation.

You can employ things such as timesheets, internal targets, and project management systems to keep your projects on track, but if they’re held up by a slow printing services or face a delay because staff don’t have the documentation they need, there’s nothing to blame but the technology.

One of the few models on the market right now which can stand up to this level of productivity is the Lexmark CX727de A4 Colour Multifunction Laser Printer. Featuring print speeds which reach up to 47 ppm, and scan speeds of up to 56 sides/images per minute means that you can rest assured that neither members of staff, or clients will be delayed.

Law firms can put a heavy burden on their machines, however this Lexmark printer can handle any level of demand, especially as thefirst colour page can be printed in 5.5 seconds.

Alongside this, a recommended monthly print volume of up to 20,000 pages makes this model a great choice for all your legal print needs.

The last thing you need during a busy day is the added task of loading your printer tray, luckily this Lexmark machine has a maximum input capacity of 2,300 sheets, meaning that interruptions will be minimal.

Working in a law firm means that each day will bring clients and cases which are completely different. This can make working life difficult, especially when it comes to your printing service requirements.

For example, one case may require extensive documentation or transcripts printed, whereas another client needs images which must be of the highest printed quality.

With the Lexmark CX727de, you won’t need to worry about your printer’s performance when it comes to document versatility. Thanks to its 1.2 GHz quad-core processor and up to 4GB of memory, this printer will be able to power through any documents you send in no time.

To support you in creating realistic and high quality imagery, this Lexmark printer comes complete with enhanced colour matching features,allowing you to create ultra-precise, true-to-life colour prints.


Due to the extremely sensitive nature of the information and documents you’ll be handling on a daily basis, security is just as important, if not more so, to your business’ success as productivity is.

As of May this year, GDPR became directly applicable to businesses handling customer data, and the conversation around the ruling enforced the importance of protecting your clients’ sensitive information.

Even before GDPR, privacy and security were important to the legal sector, but now, it’s even more crucial that the technology you use in your firm fully protects any legal print documents or files that you may be responsible for.

You can protect your business, and your documentation, through choosing the right printer for your company. The Lexmark CX727de offers you the ultimate protection in the form of its built-in confidential print features.

These features require the user to enter a customised, completely unique PIN on the device’s keypad before any documents are printed, so you can rest assured that any sensitive material are protected from passers-by and office visitors.

This Lexmark printer also offers its users extensive network security features and protocols, which are built into the device. The result is a printing service which is totally secure from unauthorised access and external hackers.

Hopefully this post has shown you how important your office technology choices are, and how they can affect the success of your law firm. When selecting your next office printer, make sure to look out for some of the features mentioned here.