Why World of Warcraft players should pay attention to the profession system as a variety of game activities

Gaming has been considered a huge part of the entertainment sector for years but its recent popularity changed the way we look at it.

The profession system is a unique pastime system that is available to all players who want to touch it.

It is designed to enrich gamers, help the server to be economically developed and have enough goods available for all types of players.

You don’t always need a lot of gold to practice professions, but you can strengthen your hero with the help of the Skycoach service, which will supply the required amount of game gold, help with pumping and teach you how to play the character. The service gives a money-back guarantee in case of disputes and provides the player with all precautions to prevent them.

What is the profession system

The profession system is a type of activity for all types of players, regardless of faction, which helps to collect materials necessary for production and make useful items, weapons, jewelry, tools and equipment for players of all races and orientations.

In total, there are two areas of varieties of professions and you can choose the main ones only two. There are also secondary activities available to everyone, but more on that later.

When choosing between professions, you should understand the following.

If you choose two gathering professions, then you will always be provided with gold, but you will not be able to produce anything, but will sell everything you have farmed to other players and the artisan.

If you choose two professions related to production, then you will be a full-fledged artisan who cannot provide himself with the necessary materials, which means that they will have to be bought from other players. At the start of the game, you will not have such financial opportunities, unless you buy game gold from Skycoach.

The best option is to choose one gathering and one production profession – this will help close the full cycle of manufacturing and providing yourself with everything you need and start your hero’s path to the status of a master of his craft.

What are the combinations of professions:

  1. Collecting herbs and alchemy – finding flowers and herbs in World of Warcraft is not difficult and with their help you can create elixirs and potions that help players in PVP and PVE, giving them attacking or defensive effects.
  2. Skinning and leatherworking – the first profession should not be strongly visualized. World of Warcraft does not convey all the nuances of such activities in real life, but skins and cured leather are highly valued among archers and robbers and other craftsmen, because leather equipment, helmets and various craft equipment, as well as bags for expanding inventory are made from it.
  3. Mining and blacksmithing – If you love mountains and want to provide yourself and others with good steel equipment at the same time, then your way to blacksmiths. Just don’t forget to buy a pickaxe and look for rocks. They can be seen on the map of Azeroth anywhere in the WoW world at the pickaxe mark. When extracting ore from deposits, you will sometimes come across gems. Ore can be smelted into ingots and crafted into weapons and armor from steel, helmets and shields, and tools for other professions. Gems can be sold to jewelers.
  4. Tailoring and inscription – tailoring is a unique profession and the point is not that it allows you to sew magical armor and bags for inventory, but that you don’t need an accompanying profession to upgrade it – everything necessary for the production of thread and tailoring is knocked out directly from the monsters. This means that you have one empty slot left for another profession. You can choose an inscription for this place, because this profession allows you to create recipes for crafting items for all specialties, and consumables can be obtained by fishing, which is a secondary profession and is available to everyone. With the release of the Dragonflight update, the demand for recipes has become colossal due to the order table and the ability to craft anything by proxy.
  5. Mining and Jewelcrafting is another option for a combination of professions. Jewelery is an expensive, but ultimately profitable profession. Jewelers create jewelry with magical protection, special stones with characteristics and can produce orbs – special magic spheres for attacking magicians. To work, you need gems that periodically fall out of ore deposits. Visit the mines regularly and sell the ore to the blacksmiths, or save it for a twink forge.

What other professions can be mastered and why are they needed.

Engineering is the production of mechanisms that will help in combat. High tier masters can even attach a rocket launcher to armor that will activate and attack the enemy at a certain interval. Dependent on metal, which is compensated by mining. Can always set turrets and other dirty tricks against his enemies.

Fishing is a relaxing and calm profession. The main thing is to find a place away from enemy factions and patrolling monsters. You will need a fishing rod, which can be bought in any city. You will get special baits and other equipment of a fisherman in the process of fishing. You will come across two types of fish – ordinary and special. Regular fish are useful in cooking, while special ones are unfit for food and are ground into reagents for alchemists and inscribers.

Cooking is needed for cooking and, like fishing, is considered a secondary profession that does not require additional profession slots and can be learned by all players. Cooking will help you prepare meals for yourself and other players. The better the ingredients, the higher the quality of the dishes and the characteristics it adds. For cooking, you need animal meat, which is obtained by hunting, or fish obtained from fishing. Sometimes you will come across high quality products that will increase both the overall value and parameters of the finished dish. Particularly skilled chefs can organize feasts and feed a huge number of players, giving them one-time enhanced characteristics.

Archeology is not a profession of production, but an activity that is comparable to it. It also does not take up a slot for crafting and gathering, but is needed to study the lands of Azeroth and the history of the continents, as well as to earn achievements and increase its characteristics. Archeology allows you to excavate in search of valuable items and explore lands where battles between the Horde and Alliance factions have previously taken place. To start research, you need to go to the place on the map marked with a shovel and start excavation.

You will find valuable items and discover new achievements – special passive characteristics, or mounts that will stay with you forever as a reward for performing complex and optional actions related to the World of Warcraft gameplay.