Why Subtitling Translation Services are Important for Expanding Business?

It is not uncommon for people to think that subtitles are only used in movies and TV shows.

However, this is not the case. Subtitles translate spoken words into written text, making them an excellent tool for business owners looking to expand their reach. Whether you’re hosting a webinar or conference call with international customers, subtitling your content will allow your customers to understand what’s being said without having to speak English themselves. Here is why you need a translation service to expand your business.

Subtitles make it Easier for International Customers to Understand Your Products

Many businesses assume that their international customers will know English. However, this often isn’t the case, as even people who speak English may not be fluent or have a high enough comprehension level to easily understand what’s being said in an instructional video for beginners. To expand your customer base and increase sales, you will need a subtitling service to provide subtitles for your videos.

Subtitles also allow non-native English speakers to understand instructions on how to use your products. If your instructions are not available in their language, they won’t purchase your product. This can hurt sales and damage your brand’s reputation.

They make it Easier for Foreign Employees to Understand the Culture of Your Company

Some foreign employees may feel uncomfortable participating in conference calls or video conferences with colleagues if they do not understand what’s being said. Working with an outside service agency that provides subtitles will make your business more accessible to employees who do not speak English or have a low comprehension of it.

Subtitles Increase Engagement with Customers

In webinars, conferences calls, and other video presentations, subtitles allow customers to become more engaged with the speaker. They can take notes, ask questions and follow along with what’s being discussed if they have trouble keeping up with a speaker who speaks too quickly. This increased engagement makes customers happier and improves their satisfaction level.

Using Subtitles Will Improve Your Search Engine Ranking (SEO)

When subtitles are provided for a video, you will automatically receive a signal boost from Google and other search engines. This is because using transcripts and captions makes your content easier to understand and more accessible for those with disabilities and the hearing impaired. It also allows search engines like Google to index your videos faster, which will be placed higher in results.

Subtitles Allow You to Reach a Larger Audience on YouTube

Having subtitles or captions on your YouTube channel videos will allow you to market to more people. Those who are deaf or hard of hearing, non-native English speakers, parents of young children, and others may be more likely to watch a video with subtitles. This increases your chances of gaining new customers while also strengthening the bonds you have with your current customers.

It Increases Viewership Rates

Many people prefer to watch videos with subtitles instead of ones without them. This can increase the number of views your videos receive if you translate and subtitle them for customers who do not speak English or are maybe hearing impaired.

You can also elect to provide only closed captions for your videos on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Captions are more likely to be turned on by default when publishing content. This will still allow your videos to reach more people but will also attract more views and engagement.

Subtitling Videos Makes Them More Accessible for Everyone

The deaf and hard-of-hearing community may struggle to understand what’s being communicated through spoken words alone. This can be a challenge for those trying to provide information or conduct meetings, interviews, and webinars with them. When you have your videos subtitled, this community will find it much easier to understand what’s being communicated during these interactions, which will improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Subtitles Expand Your Business Opportunities

Subtitling allows you to connect and interact with your target audience, bringing them closer even if they don’t speak the same language. For instance, if you’re hosting a major event for international customers, having your content subtitled will allow everyone to follow along without any major connection issues.

A good translation service like GoTranscript com will expand the number of opportunities you have for interacting with different types of people and businesses because you can provide subtitles or captions in multiple languages. This opens up more possibilities for smaller companies that don’t have the budget to do so independently.


Taking the time to subtitle your videos with a service agency will attract more viewers and improve visibility on social media platforms. These benefits can result in a larger following, improved search engine rankings, and increased customer satisfaction that will help grow your business for many years to come. Subtitling also makes it all easier. With all this, your business exponentially grows.