Why Provably Fair Bitcoin Casino Is The Best Choice

Many people involved in the gambling industry have encountered occasions of fraud and manipulations regarding the outcome of bets.

The number of untrustworthy casino websites is considerable; therefore, it was necessary to implement some kind of technology in the bitcoin casino that ensures the safety and fairness for players.

Some of the best crypto casinos introduced provably fair technology that made it possible for customers to avoid cheats and manipulations and enhanced the overall performance of casinos. This technology is mainly utilized in crypto and bitcoin gambling, which eventually reduces the fear of players getting deceived.

Provably fair includes an algorithm that uses several methods to guarantee customer safety. The process is quite challenging to understand for those unfamiliar with cryptos in general. However, we will try to explain in simple words the most common method used by provably fair to protect the players.

How Does Provably Fair Work?

Provably fair determines results using three variables –

  • Server Seed – The website itself gives you a server seed
  • Client Seed – The browser provides a client seed that you can adjust at any point
  • Cryptographic Nonce – This is a number that grows according to your bets

First of all, the casino website will create a seed number that will be hashed and sent to you before you start playing. It is not possible for them to change this number afterward and also; you can’t figure out your results in advance since it is encrypted.

Secondly, your browser will also produce a random client seed. We would recommend players adjust the client seed accordingly before gambling in order to prevent casino websites from knowing it.

As for the nonce, it is a number that will be soared based on the bets you place. Generally, it will start from 0 or 1 depending on the casino website. This way, the algorithm chooses a randomizable action in the game.

When you finish playing, you will receive a client seed that is unencrypted, and you will be able to confirm the fairness via a verifier. You must input the unhashed seeds to check if it has the same value as in the game.

As you can see, this process is quite confusing and complicated, but bitcoin casino websites ensure their honesty and protect you from possible frauds by using provably fair technology.

The crypto casinos containing a provably fair technology bear several beneficial features along with providing a safe playing environment for its customers.

Transparency and Clarity

Most bitcoin casinos that include this technology will make sure to provide a transparent record of transactions with the help of blockchain. Additionally, unlike many traditional casinos, provably fair technology allows players to review the results of previously played games in order to guarantee fairness.

Blockchain technology includes self-executing codes meaning that operators are not able to change anything in them. Another sign of transparency is that every transaction is visible to players at any time.

No Third-Party Involvement

Most traditional casinos allow auditing to some third-party organizations and testing labs. On the other hand, the provably fair technology makes every outside intervention unnecessary and as a result, the customers of provably fair crypto casinos are the auditors, which also underlines the high transparency degree.

Provably Fair Casinos Include Higher RTP Percentage

RTP stands for “Return To Player”, and bears an essential part in every player’s career. It calculates the chances of winning for every gambler in a particular game by utilizing the data from the previous win.

The provably fair bitcoin casino generally offers exceptional payout percentages since it contains slots up with approximately 99% RTP and the customers have experienced Blackjack games producing up to 99.5% payback.

The provably fair technology has definitely made gambling more attractive for most players. It includes several entangled steps that ensure customers have a secure playing platform and avoid any kind of cheats and fraud.

The gamblers have the possibility to perform transparent and secure transactions via blockchain, and casinos are not obliged to be audited by any third-party organization. Consequently, customers are happy with a safe platform.