Why people cheat on their partners


For many years, psychologists, sociologists, and relationship experts have been studying the nature and statistics of cheating on men and women.

They do it in the hope of understanding what exactly different people consider cheating, why they are doing it and how they react to the partner’s infidelity.

It is noteworthy that in different countries the situation with the number of betrayals and their quality is not the same. They cheat, of course, everywhere, but somewhere not so much and not as often as, for example, in Russia. So, if you are looking for a future wife, it is better to search among the Ukrainian brides on https://ladadate.com/ukrainian-brides to not be disappointed in the future.

So, let’s start with the main facts about infidelity that all monogamous couples should know.

If a person is financially dependent on the partner, he or she is more likely to cheat

According to a 2015 study published in the American Sociological Review journal, a person who is completely financially dependent on the partner is more likely to cheat than if he or she was economically independent. Moreover, this is more common for men who rely on their wives in money matters.

It seems to a person that everyone around is cheating on each other, and his or her partner is not capable of this

Another 2015 study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships found that we tend to overestimate the loyalty of our life partners. So, the average person can betray with a probability of 42%, at the same time we only assume that our own partner cheated on us in the past. And there is 8% of people who will cheat in the future.

Men suffer more from physical infidelity and women from emotional infidelity

A 2013 study published in the Evolutional Psychology journal demonstrated that most men would be emotionally devastated if their girlfriend had intimacy with someone else without falling in love with the person. Women, on the contrary, would have been more affected by the fact that their partner would have fallen in love with someone but didn’t cheat physically.

Men are more likely to cheat when they have an anniversary

In 2014, a curious study appeared in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal. Its results showed that men are more often looking for sex on the side when their age ends in nine. To do this, the researchers analyzed the behavior of men who are in a relationship on one dating site and revealed such an unusual pattern.

The tendency to cheat can be at the genetic level

Recently, there appear more and more studies that indicate that some people have a tendency to cheat on a biological level. For example, scientists from the University of Queensland concluded that people with a certain type of hormone oxytocin and vasopressin were more prone to cheating than others. By the way, vasopressin is a hormone associated with social behavior, including trust, empathy and sexual relationships.