Why online slots are taking off in 2020

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Online slots are already popular, but they’re starting to blow in 2020!

Today, gamblingcommission.gov.uk estimates the industry’s gross gambling yield in the UK to be around £14.3 billion. That’s a 0.5% decrease from last year, which means the sector has pretty much maintained the same value.

However, in comparison, the figures for online casinos are on the rise. Remote betting, for example, is worth £2.1bn, an increase of 4.3%, whereas the gross yield of remote casinos is now £3.2bn. That’s a rise of almost 4%. It’s clear that not only is digital gambling pushing forward while the sector is plateauing, but that online slots have a big role to play in the rise.

What are the reasons behind the popularity of online slot machines? Continue reading to learn more as you’ll find everything outlined below.

New Player Bonuses

The big draw behind online slots is the promotions that are attached. If you take one look at mvideoslots.com, you’ll see a range of available bonuses to users. Firstly, this makes the draw of pulling the virtual lever more powerful. Not only are the prize pots considerable, yet it’s free to play, so there are zero risks involved.

Plus, if you don’t win, you have the safety net of free bets, spins, or pulls, depending on the offer you pick. There’s no reason to pout for the existing customers who assume they are missing out – the loyalty programs are extensive too! Although many of the bonuses don’t apply to new players, the loyalty schemes ensure that you receive plenty of bang for your buck by playing on the remote slot machines.

With so many free spins and money-making opportunities, it’s even worth playing through the wagering requirements. After all, you may turn your initial winnings into something substantial!

Highly Convenient

Unlike physical casinos, online slots are accessible from anywhere in the world. All you need is a mobile device and an internet connection and you’re ready to win big. It’s not worth the trade-off of walking into a traditional casino and feeling the buzz of the crowd to some people.

However, online casinos are fighting back by providing a real-life experience that’s as close to Las Vegas as humanly possible. With the help of artificial intelligence and virtual reality, players can mingle as if they are sitting next to one another at a poker table or by the slots. Also, the sights and sounds are authentic. This experience isn’t enough for everybody; however, when you combine it with the ease of access, it’s clear why online slot machines are popular.

You get the comfort of playing what you want, when you want to, with hardly any restrictions. What’s not to enjoy?!

The Variety

Another feature of physical institutes that is beginning to turn players off is the lack of variety. Yes, there are poker tables, and craps tables, and everything else you’d find in a traditional casino, yet that’s the issue – it feels samey. As a result, the consumer experience takes a hit since there isn’t enough variety to maintain your excitement.

Sure, the casinos make the slot machines and online games available, but this is also problematic. After all, you can stay at home and play from the comfort of your living room without an expensive, all-expenses-paid trip to a physical establishment. As soon as you open an app or log in to your account, the games are ready. No fuss, no hassle.

If you get bored, there are many slot variations you can sample, or you can pick something else entirely. It’s your decision!

The Security

Data leaks are commonplace nowadays. Every time you open your news app, it seems as if big businesses have played fast and loose with your data, and it’s annoying. Online casinos are different as your private information is critical to their success, which is why they guard it very securely.

Playing slots online, whereas it was once risky, is now as safe as paying for your shopping via the internet. Of course, if you’re worried, it’s easy to spot the enterprises that aren’t doing a good job, thanks to upguard.com.

Mostly, when you play the online slots, there is nothing to worry about and everything to gain.


Online slots and casinos have been tracking positively for a while. However, 2020 is their year because of greater accessibility, convenience, variety, and security. Put all four together and you get a winning combination that accounts for more than 20% of the sector.