Why is it important to conduct an Electrical Safety Certification (EICR)?

What is an Electrical Safety Certification?

Electrical installations in UK properties must meet regulated standards in order to ensure safety. An Electrical Safety Certification is a formal document which is produced following a thorough assessment of the property, either in a domestic, commercial or industrial setting. The inspection has to be carried out by aqualified electrical engineer or an electrician.

According to the electrical safety standards in the private sector regulations, all rented properties in the UK are required to obtain an Electrical Safety Certification. This means that it is the duty of all private landlords to ensure that their properties are equipped with safe and good working condition electrical appliances.

The Purpose of an Electrical Safety Certification

Electrical Safety Certification has numerous benefits and here we have gathered some of the most important ones:

  • The engineer will identify components of electrical installations that do not meet the requirements of the Institute of Engineering and Technology’s Wiring Regulations. They will focus on several aspects, for example, the bonding and earthing of cables and wires, the suitability of switchers and control gears, as well as the conditions of sockets, among others.
  • Generally, the inspection will ensure that all electrical installations on the property are safe. This will be done by checking for wear and tear, any signs of damage and deterioration.
  • The professional will ensure that all electrical equipment is installed properly and safely.
  • If a defect is found (signs of damage or wear and tear), the engineer/electrician will provide you with recommendations aimed to remedy the problem. The goal of the Electrical Safety Certification is to ensure the safety of electric installations and the safety of the people that use them.
  • The electrical engineer will formulate a report on the condition of the electrical installations in the property, and this will be forwarded and considered in future inspections.
  • An Electrical Safety Certification can also be a point of proof, in the event an accident occurs. If you have followed the given recommendations it will prove that the necessary measures were taken, to provide safety for everyone connected to the property (tenant,employees, etc.)

A study done by Electric Safety First, revealed that fires caused by electricity affect around 20,000 homes in the UK, every year. When looking at these statistics in more depth, it appeared that 89% of these fires were caused by electrical products whereas faulty wiring caused 11%. Most of these incidents could have been avoided had an EICR inspection been carried out. This proves the point of how important Electrical Safety Certification is, for you and everyone else. Safety should always come first.

Why do you need an Electrical Safety Certification?

There are numerous benefits that come with obtaining an Electrical Safety Certification:

  • First things first Safety: by conducting an Electrical Safety Certification inspection you will be ensuring the safety of your tenants and/or staff. It creates a safe and trouble-free environment where the risk of accidents, damage or injury due to electrical malfunctions are kept as low as possible.
  • Following regulations: being compliant and having an Electrical Safety Certification maintains that you are on top of your responsibilities as a landlord or the owner of a property.
  • It provides you with legal protection: having an Electrical Safety Certification provides you with proof that you took the necessary steps to ensure the safety of everyone within your property. In the case where an electricity related accident (electric fire, shock) did occur and caused damage or injury to an occupant of your property, an EICR proves that you followed the set regulations and did not neglect the electrical systems within the building. This assures that you did what was required to provide a safe environment for your tenants and/or employees, saving you from the risk of costly legal fees.
  • Insurance: most insurance companies will require you to have an up to date Electrical Safety Certification. In case of an accident, in order for you to claim for damages you need to show that all the possible preventative steps were taken beforehand. Contact your insurance provider to find out their requirements and what their policies entail.
  • One of the aim of an Electrical Safety Certification is not only to spot electrical faults but also to create recommendations on how to improve different areas of your property. These recommendations could include ways of reducing the energy consumption in your home and tips for improving your carbon footprint.
  • Identifying electrical installation faults in good time may enable you to prevent excessive costs, had the problem been left unattended for longer.

How to obtain an EICR?

The process of obtaining an EICR certificate is simple. There are many providers out there so make sure you do your research. The inspection has to be carried out by an experienced electrical engineer or an electrician. The amount of time it takes to carry out an EICR inspection depends on the size of the property, the number of electrical systems within, how easily they can be accessed, among others. However, on average, they usually take around one to two hours.

On the completion of the inspection, the engineer will issue a report (EICR). This report will detail the overall condition of the electrical systems and ways in which they could be remedied or improved. It is important that the report is kept safe, until the next inspection.

If the property does indeed require improvements and changes to its electrical installations, these have to be resolved within 28 days of receiving the report from the electrical engineer.


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