Why Every Law Firm Should Have Case Management Software

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Many law firms swear by the tried-and-true methods of the past and are scared of using new technology.

However, case management software seems to gain more traction with each passing day due to its reliability and the improvements it brings to the table.

Optimizing your data for quick and easy access, combined with top-notch security will have any law practitioner asking for case management software. Law firms that don’t use modern case management software are buried in paperwork which can lead to missed deadlines and dissatisfied clients. Open-source case management tools enable a variety of features that only serve in the law firm’s favor—protected and easy to access data, simplify remote working, help team collaboration and ensure transparent billing.

To make things more accessible for you, we compiled useful information about case management software and why your firm should use it.

Complete Control Over Your Data

Data leakage and loss of important documents are always possible problems when dealing with papers. The case management software is cloud-based and the relevant data stored there is completely secure and encrypted.

Data security and punctuality are especially important in certain fields. For law firms that specialize in immigration cases, punctuality is paramount over anything else. For that reason, law firms implement immigration form preparation software which enables them to create and edit forms with ease, avoid mistakes and organize and delegate the appropriate staff to an immigration case.

Furthermore, keeping track of the large database of clients and their personal information can be a bit difficult without an automated system. The modern software is equipped with various features that can maximize security and efficiency. For example, the client tracking feature enables you to pull all the relevant information regarding a client and enables you to make updates easily while also minimizing errors.

Increased Efficiency

By allowing your attorneys to have easy access to all the information and data about a particular case, more can be done in less time. More attorneys can give their opinion on the case and work together as a unit to maximize the positive outcome of a legal case epilogue. Facilitating the tasks of attorneys through easy to use interface and removing the paperwork which usually leads to a lot of back and forth interactions, the additional time can be used to better prepare a defense for the clients.

In addition to that, document searches have never been easier before. Precious time wasted on flipping through legal documents is substituted with an effective alternative that fosters practice efficacy. Modern case management software delivers this by allowing the users to input relevant metadata and providing results in coordination with your inputs.

Makes Remote Working Easier

Legal professionals working from home need easy access to file documents and client notes and records. With the help of the easy-to-use interface and automation, legal practitioners don’t have to make long trips down the office and pick up a single case file so that they can go on with their work. The availability of documents also erases the limited physical copy problems and provides everyone with the needed case files.

Helps Team Collaboration

Scheduling meetings in a big law firm with many partners and employees can be nigh on impossible. With proper case management software, you just click away from setting an appointment that will fit everyone’s schedule. Some case management software can integrate with your third-party calendars saving even more precious time.

Moreover, all the important data and case files can be attached to the meeting with just a simple drag and drop, ensuring that everyone has the required documents for a successful meeting.

Billing and Time Tracking

The software enables you to enter billable hours into the system and accurate billing is guaranteed. Entering the accurate hours can be even done away from the office. This is extremely important to the client as well as every linked billing to the case is transparent and accounted for.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that having case management software such as PracticePanther improves the practice efficiency of the law firms that use it. The benefits span from increased efficiency to improved data security to even increased team collaborations.

The easy-to-use interface allows case managers and team members to collaborate effectively without papers interfering with their day-to-day work i.e. due to lack of physical copies.