Why business cards are still important in 2019

Business cards are one of the oldest and most effective forms of direct marketing, but with the emergence of technology and networking sites, are they still relevant? Yes, they are – and here’s why.

Over the years I’ve networked with an abundance of people in the business world and being a marketing guy, I often ask how they best market themselves directly to customers – and I was shocked to see that not many had replied with business cards but most replied with email marketing and other digital mediums.

Yes, I know, technology has advanced a lot over the years, but I can’t help but think people are missing a trick with the trusty old business card. It may surprise many, but I maintain that the business card (yes, on card, that you can touch and feel) is still to date my most effective direct marketing medium.

I would argue that the business card is the one thing that technology has struggled to replace. I have seen USB-based business cards and various other cards utilising technology – but they’re still physical objects that we hand directly to someone that we’d like to network with

With this being said, alongside my utter confidence that business cards are still the best direct marketing tool – here’s the reasons why they’re so good and why you should be using them.

It adds a personal touch

I work with lots of technology and there’s one piece of technology a lot of us couldn’t live without – our phones. However, with this continually evolving technology in the mobile phone sphere I fear that we have almost lost the ability to communicate on an intimate level in person – really engaging, talking and having real conversations.

I think that having a tangible reminder of someone is powerful in these times. Often I’m contacted out of the blue by someone I had met years ago who just happened to stumble across my business card in their wallet or purse and the key thing to remember here is, they rememberedme.

I still think it creates a great first impression

Passing someone your business card is more than just giving your details to someone – it’s also about creating a great first impression. Whenever I hand over a business card to a potential client I always look to gauge their reaction and more importantly, what they do with the business card.

Potential clients are far more likely to contact you if they believe you’ve put an effort in approaching them and investing in giving them your details with something tangible.

Business cards do create a great first impression. Naturally the disclaimer here is that the business cards should be designed well – head on over to 123Print business cardsfor personalised designsand great pricing.

They don’t run out of power, they’re not tech dependent

Emails can get lost and buried amongst tonnes of other emails and phones can be damaged and never restored which means a potential client has lost all of your contact info because the client is as the mercy of technology.

A business card, although it can be lost, doesn’t need wifi for a client to access the info – it’s right there – ready and waiting.

Business Cards are just still necessary

Why are business cards necessary in 2019? It’s because they remain the fastest and easiest way to chare business contact info – period. Even in this tech world we live in they’re still one of the best (if not thee best) method in reminding people about you and your business – and that creates business.

They’re THE most effective direct marketing tool on the market

SEO, email marketing, paid media placements – all of these do a good job at generating leads – but none of these are as effective as meeting someone in person, engaging them and leaving your business card with them (Forbes mentions this here

You can encounter potential leads all the time. From trade shows and events, industry conferences, airport lounges and you are armed with the business cards ready to give to any potential client – and this is really powerful.

Don’t knock the business card in 2019 – if you don’t have a business card, you’re not doing the best direct marketing you can do. Trust me.