Why are so many contact centres switching to cloud phone systems?

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More and more businesses are taking the plunge and moving their contact centres from on-premise PBX to cloud phone systems.

By 2020, 50% of call centres that don’t use cloud technology will have made the switch to cloud based phone systems.

But what are the reasons for these high adoption rates? When compared to on-premise phone systems, cloud phone systems lead to a better customer experience, improved agent performance and a more positive ROI.

What are the benefits of moving to a cloud phone system for your contact centre?

Cloud phone systems save you time and money

A cloud phone system is hosted in the cloud by a business server. Your telephony service provider will handle all the infrastructure, meaning that you don’t have to worry about installation or maintenance costs. This is vast improvement on traditional PBX systems, which require costly hardware upgrades every few years.

Another way in which a cloud phone system could benefit you is by offering more uptime than an on-premise solution. For example, the 3CX Enterprise Edition operates with a secondary server and offers maximum uptime. Backup servers should be operational 24/7 so technical downtime will never cost you money.

Cloud phone systems allow for multi-channel communication

A significant benefit of switching to cloud phone systems is that they allow for a better customer experience. Since a cloud-based system can serve as a central hub for all communications, customers can benefit from more communication channels. This aligns with customer expectations, with 66% customers on average using three different communication channels for customer service.

Cloud phone systems offer customers the option to seamlessly use their preferred channels of communication – whether that’s live chat, email, contact form or phone. In doing so, cloud communications lead to a vastly improved customer experience and higher customer retention rates.

Improving agent performance is easier with a cloud phone system

Cloud phone systems can further improve customer experience by making it easier to better agent performance. For example, some recording solutions allow you to monitor agent performance and ensure compliance. It is designed to give call centre managers an overview of core KPIs, such as average wait and talk times. Allowing for flexible or mobile agent work.

A cloud phone system also allows for agents to work on the go, or at home, which can be necessary with an increasingly mobile and flexible workforce.

Enhance your reporting with better data capture

Cloud phone systems often have advanced data capture features, which allow for better call centre reporting. Ultimately, this paves the way for optimising your call centre performance. The 3CX solution for contact centres allows you schedule automated reports based on customisable metrics. These reports are then emailed to nominated recipients on a tailored, periodic basis. You can also produce reports ad hoc by logging in to the management console.