How mobile technology is revolutionizing the world


In this decade mobile technology has gone through major changes. The technology driving our mobile devices is constantly evolving, turning the latter into more than just mere communication devices.

It’s taken world by storm in many areas, improving significantly the lives of many. It’s worth noting that mobile gadgets break frontiers and plays a major role whether work-related or in our everyday life. These are some of the amazing impact of mobile technologies in our daily life.

Mobile Technology In Healthcare

Mobile technology in the area of healthcare has profoundly raised people’s quality of life. In this era, healthcare providers can check out home medical tests from any location and adjust patient’s care accordingly. Patients suffering from heart disease can send pacemaker tests remotely by using their mobile device. Once the medical staff members receive the diagnosis, they can change the programming of it’s patient’s device to address changes in the patient’s health condition all while the latter is comfortable at home. Another example is the spinal cord stimulation device which is also called Patient Controller. A medical app helps the patient suffering from chronic pain to manage the programs prescribed by the physicians. They control the implanted device using Bluetooth and the app lets the patient turn the device’s nerve stimulation on and off.

A New Eye On The World

Cell phones can be a blessing for visually impaired people. It’s true, their mobile device gives them a new eye on the world by providing facilities to overcome different barriers. In recent years, software like screen readers reads out the text on the screen which helps the blind to operate their phone independently. They can make and take calls or even read messages or articles on any websites while browsing on the internet. Voice control removes the problem of using keypads and much more software is geared to help visually impaired people communicated with the outside world.

Mobile Sports Betting

Sports betting has gone through a major makeover over these past years, thanks to the advent of innovative mobile devices. Long ago, people would place a wager on the outcome of games’ events and predict sports results in brick-and-mortar bookies. Nowadays, mobile betting is a new trend. It’s not uncommon to find avid sports fans betting on athletic events like baseball, basketball, hockey, boxing and football through online sportsbooks like Ruby Bet. The sports bettors are always a touch away from the betting markets. Sneaking into the best odds across a wide range of leagues and sports has never been that easy.

No Check Out At A Register

Gone are the days where you had to wait in line and even check-out at the register for your groceries. With your mobile device in hand, you can take full advantage of Amazon Go. Ever heard about it before? Instead of buying your goods through, you can go in person in the store picking whatever you want without any check-outs. Pretty amazing, huh? It’s called the ‘’Just Walk Out’’. This new kind of store works with an Amazon Go application which you can download on your mobile. You go into the store, choose your products and just leave. By some magic, your Amazon account is charged, and you receive a receipt. The technology behind it is quite revolutionary. During your shopping, sensors will detect which products are taken or returned and keeps track of all your goods in your virtual card.

Mobile technology is revolutionising society and it’s just the beginning. With more than a billion users worldwide and millions of apps, the impact of smartphones in our daily lives is undeniable. Innovative processors, apps and gadgets rule the modern world and it’s not about to stop.