Focus on EXANTE CEO Alexey Kirienko – a FinTech CEO’s insight

Alexey Kirienko is one of the founders and CEO of EXANTE, a global investment company based in Malta.

Leading FinTech professional, Alexey Kirienko is not only the co-founder and CEO of global financial brokerage EXANTE, but a reputable name within the financial community.

The company, which he helped set up in 2010, has secured numerous awards from publications such as the Financial Times and the European Business Magazine, and notably his Bitcoin fund which was at one stage the most successful hedge fund of its kind.

Alexey’s vision was to create a one-stop-shop for professional traders, hence EXANTE provides proprietary trading, giving professional traders access to more than 600,000 financial instruments, 50 global markets, and 8 asset classes all from one single multi-currency account. The company is licensed in the UK, Cyprus, Malta and Hong Kong, and is a member of the Cyprus International Business Association (CIBA), and The London Stock Exchange (LSEG) in the UK.

Having already worked in the industry, Alexey discovered a niche within the market which allowed him to use his passion for mathematics and statistics to delve into the game and probability theories.

He surrounded himself with industry leaders who gave him insight into correlation analysis so, combined with his interest in trading, he could craft sophisticated and successful trading strategies. Kirienko quickly identified and was able to capitalise on opportunities within the financial markets. This track record catapulted him to prominence within the trading community, solidifying his reputation in the field.

Founding EXANTE

In 2010, Alexey and his colleague Anatoliy Knyazev, who were both accomplished traders at the time, though they had independent expertise within the FinTech sector, had amassed an extensive network of finance experience. Not only had they accumulated knowledge to execute sophisticated trading strategies – they also cherished the dream of establishing their own brokerage business based on trust and transparency. As a result, in 2011, with the participation of the third partner Gatis Eglitis, they jointly launched EXANTE. Shortly thereafter, their firm secured an MFSA licence, enabling them to operate from Malta.

EXANTE was established with a strong vision: to offer traders, at all proficiency levels, access to advanced financial infrastructure. The trio of Kirienko, Knyazev, and Eglitis shared a common objective – to provide a comprehensive global service that could cater to the diverse requirements of traders and serve them in the execution of intricate strategies. Central to their founding philosophy was the commitment to foster a transparent financial environment, characterised by competitive and equitable pricing, allowing traders to invest with utmost confidence.

The aspect that garnered widespread acclaim was the company’s tailor-made trading platform, which allowed traders to invest in a diverse array of financial instruments through a single, consolidated account.

Led by Kirienko and his co-founders, EXANTE has experienced steady development and growth. In 2012 the company secured a significant milestone when it obtained registration in Cyprus and secured a CySEC licence. This achievement proved instrumental in attracting a larger client base, further fueling EXANTE’s rapid expansion. Today, the company proudly maintains offices in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and other venues, holding licences issued by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC Hong Kong) respectively.

EXANTE is a FinTech providing centralised trading solutions and B2B financial infrastructure that helps create value through technology. EXANTE offers its clients access to markets such as NASDAQ, LSE, NYSE, HKEX, and ASX, giving them the ability to effectively manage their portfolios. The company ensures fast and safe trade execution, at a competitive price.

Throughout its 12+ years history, EXANTE has experienced 70 percent growth year-on-year, and employs a diverse group of professionals within all parts of its core business. It has received numerous notable awards, winning ‘Best Product or Service, and  ‘Best Marketing and Recruitment Campaign’ in the Financial Times (FT) Diversity in Finance Awards in 2023 and 2022 respectively. The company also received the prestigious title of ‘Best Multi-Asset Financial Services Firm 2023’ at the Ethical Finance Awards, showcasing its commitment to ethical practices. Furthermore, EXANTE received the distinction of ‘Best Trading and Investment Solution Provider UK 2023’ by Gazet International Magazine.

So, what does the future hold for EXANTE? Still a young man, Kirienko’s vision and his mission remain the same, to simply create a platform and a company that is diverse, inclusive, trader friendly, and ahead of the curve.