Which SEO agency to hire

SEO Marketing

When we rang in 2020, nobody could have predicted what a tumultuous year it would be.

Businesses that never had a digital presence now simply need to have one if they hope to stay afloat. More than ever before, they must rely upon good digital marketing folks to stay relevant and profitable.

Unfortunately, self-proclaimed digital gurus lurk around at vulnerable times like these. They target unsuspecting business owners and swindle them of their hard-earned profits with the lure of a great SEO strategy. This handy list of warning signs will help you spot the so-called “SEO experts”. Whenever you need to hire someone for your SEO, just steer clear of these types!

Mr. Know-it-all

During your first interaction, get a feel of how cocky they seem. The minute this person claims to have figured out Google’s exact ranking algorithm, the alarm bells should ring. Getting your business site’s ranking up in an organic manner is no mean task. A genuine professional would tell you upfront that their results would depend upon the simplicity of the keywords you’re targeting. In fact, they would probably review and study your site before making rash guarantees of first-page rankings.

Dismissive of Google’s penalties

It’s an established fact that Google imposes penalties on websites that don’t adhere to guidelines. So, when you’re trying to shortlist a good SEO services firm or individual, their depth of knowledge on this subject would be paramount. If they aren’t able to convince you of their ability to avoid penalties in the first place, be careful. If they shy away from the topic of a comeback strategy in the event of penalization – that’s definitely not your man!

Cagey about references

SEO, or for that matter, SEM (search engine marketing), is not an exact science, and never can be. But when an agency has been able to produce desirable results for a client of theirs, they’d be happy to show these to you. Many folks would happily provide you with a customer reference who could validate their claims. Also, a real SEO agency will likely have been retained for repeat business. If your prospect can’t produce that kind of track record or seems unwilling to share a reference, beware.

Too many services for very little money

Yes, that’s cliched but true enough! If this supposed SEO expert promises high-quality links as a freebie with the package, it IS a reason to balk. A service like that requires serious work, and a fair effort fee is charged by a good agency for it. That’s also true for something like Google Ads or building a full-fledged PPC campaign. These are all components of an excellent long-term SEO strategy and need careful planning. Somebody who knows their business would build that into their fees.

Now that you’re forearmed with this knowledge, you should be able to go talent-scouting a bit more confidently. We hope you do find an actual SEO company. One who doesn’t sneer at processes, consistent progress reports, and transparent communication. One who makes your website rankings soar through good, old-fashioned hard work!