Which Lawyers Do Business Owners Need to Hire?

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Up to 53% of small businesses are sued each year, showing the critical need for business owners to hire a team of lawyers.

Protecting your success is the only way to protect your business. Therefore, you need a diverse and experienced legal team to ensure you’re always on the right side of the law and protect yourself should a dispute. Here are three attorneys all CEOs need to hire.

Financial Fraud Lawyers

As you scale your business, you’ll deal with larger and larger amounts of money. Unfortunately, you may not keep track of every penny since your employees will deal with much of this cash flow. As a result, there’s always a risk that you could end up getting mixed up in a fraudulent scheme. To avoid this fate, make sure you’re in regular contact with a financial fraud advisor.

They’ll be able to check every investment to ensure that you aren’t crossing any legal boundaries. Putting money into a fraudulent scheme will undoubtedly cause immense damage to the reputation of your business. In cases where you made an honest mistake, you’ll still need a lawyer to help recover some of your losses and restore stability to your company.

Consumer Protection Experts

Your team of lawyers isn’t just to protect you but to ensure that your customers are protected. Unfortunately, the world of consumer law is complicated and dull. By hiring a consumer protection attorney, you can ensure your products and services conform to the regulations.

This is particularly important if you’re working in many different industries. They all have various regulations, and only a lawyer can confirm you’re meeting them all. In addition, some will have strict safety regulations, so hire a lawyer with expertise in this area.

Sexual Harassment Attorneys

In the workplace, 54% of women experience sexual harassment. Of those that do, 75% receive retaliation when they speak up. To create an open and welcoming office environment, hire sexual harassment experts. They’ll help to ensure that victims of harassment are protected and that the accused receive a fair trial.

Outside of your corporate and financial law team, consider hiring a sexual assault attorney. This is protection for you as the CEO of your company and reassures every member of staff that they have the legal protection they need. This kind of attorney can also provide education, helping workers understand where the line is and make sure they don’t cross it.

Depending on the nature of your business, there may be many more legal staff that you’ll want to consult. Above are three of the most important that you may not have considered. Start making contact with legal experts today and build a strong and experienced team that can protect the interests of your business.