Where to Find Top-Tier Talent in 2024

Companies have reported their highest employment levels since before the pandemic, underscoring the strength of the labour market even as the broader economy slows.

Posting a job listing on a job board sounds like an easy solution to an easy problem. That is, until a couple of days go by, and you have hundreds of resumes submitted for every single job position you announce.

All while running the real risk that by the time you’re done checking all the resumes and interviewing all the promising candidates, you might still not have the right person for the job.

It’s a pain, I know, but I’m here to save you. There are better ways to find candidates, more effective ways, and strategies that allow you to get quality over quantity. So you can spend less time dealing with copy-paste resumes, and more time interviewing real, skilled, and experienced candidates who are excited to work for you.

Use all social media (not just LinkedIn)

As of 2023, 79% of job seekers use social media when looking for a job, and 84% of organizations use social media as a recruiting tool. That’s according to job search statistics from Zippia.com.

You should be looking for talent on social media. And you should be looking outside of LinkedIn too. Places like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and forums are all great places to meet and connect with talented individuals, including those not actively looking for a job.

The latter group is one you should keep in mind. Estimates place the number of passive job candidates in the workforce to be as high as 80%. “Passive” here refers to people who would be willing to move to a better job, but who are not actively sending out resumes or monitoring new openings. Networking on social media is a great way to connect with and recruit these talented individuals.

Being active online is also a great way to build your brand as an employer, showcasing your company’s culture and values to potential candidates. And you should expect your most promising candidates to check your website and social media profiles before applying.

Here’s a thought exercise. I want you to imagine your ideal candidate, the type of hard-working, detail-oriented, and self-motivated go-getter that every manager dreams about at night. Now ask yourself this: is that dream candidate really someone careless enough to accept a job offer without researching a company first?

Of course not. They will check your company’s website. They will check your social media. So make sure that said candidate will like what they find when they look into your company’s online presence. That’s your brand as an employer, and it gets more important every year.

Create a good referral program

If you don’t have an employee referral program, the 2023 employee referral statistics by Enterprise Apps Today should convince you to launch one. Across the board, recruiting through referrals is typically faster, easier, cheaper, and more effective than all other recruitment methods.

Check out these numbers:

– On average, 20% of referred candidates end up being hired. Non-referred job applicants have a 1.2% hiring rate.

– Referred hires stay longer, especially in smaller businesses, where they stay 122% longer than candidates recruited from other channels.

– Nearly 90% of employers consider referrals the best way to find top-notch candidates.

– Referred hirees are more likely to refer new people. Nearly two-thirds of referred hires end up recommending another candidate to the company.

The 20% hiring rate is particularly impressive. A higher success rate means you can waste less time on interviews and spend more time getting things done.

Invest in networking

Networking is incredibly valuable in the recruitment world, with as much as 60% of all employment being found via networking, according to TopResume. When you work with business management recruitment agencies, a big part of what these firms bring to the table is access to the network and contacts they’ve built over the years.

To follow the path of executive recruiting agencies, you’ll want to do more than just post on social media. Get creative, engage in discussions directly, attend events, speak at events, and collaborate with others in your industry. The goal is to see and be seen. Turn strangers into friends and acquaintances.

Remember, even if a member of your professional network isn’t willing to join your company, they may know someone talented who is looking for work. Your professional network can be an excellent source of referrals.