When to choose virtual coffee?

Living in the age of digitalization, virtual coffee is another ease for us. Virtual coffee does not mean you look at a picture of coffee on your screen or get it through your screen somehow!

Virtual coffee is when people drink their coffee while discussing things over the internet.

It was common in offices to serve coffee while having a meeting. However, the pandemic changed a lot, and one of the changes we had to see was virtual offices. Everyone started work from home these days. However, we couldn’t let go of our coffee tradition now, could we?

Hence a virtual coffee allows people in a meeting to go and get coffee from their kitchen and sip on it while the meeting goes on. If you are not good at making coffee, you can always take help from places like My Virtual Coffee House. In this article, we will discuss when you should choose virtual coffee.

When having one-on-ones

It is true that meetings with our managers can be frightening. They can, at times, also get awkward, especially if they are conducted virtually. However, what do you normally do in those meetings? Drink coffee and talk about work.

Hence, you should set one-on-ones as virtual coffee meetings. This lets you set a casual tone and ease the air by making jokes about your coffee. It also allows you to enjoy the meeting just like you enjoyed it while you worked in the office.

During recruitment meetings

Recruitment meetings can be intimidating for people giving the interviews. They might think that the company they are applying to has strict rules, etc. Hence, if you use virtual coffee when taking interviews, you can ease the candidates.

Their nervousness will lower down, and most importantly, they will know that your office has a friendly work environment. Also, if you think a candidate is perfect for your company, you can use virtual coffee to persuade them to join your company.

You can ask a satisfied employee to set up a virtual coffee meeting with the candidate. In this meeting, the employee can tell the potential candidate all about your workplace environment, etc.

This will ease the candidate down and will also show them the laid-back environment that your company has. Hence, you can persuade them to join your company. Furthermore, you can send some of your employees’ coffee-related presents, such as coffee brewers, espresso makers, etc.

This will help your employees during the hard times of the pandemic and will also motivate them to work better.

During brainstorming sessions

Before a brainstorming session, everyone needs a cup of coffee. It helps your brain wake up and work perfectly. However, coffee during brainstorming is also important. It can help your brainstorming sessions become more productive.

Thus, virtual coffee brainstorming sessions can be great for you and your team. It will allow everyone involved to relax a bit and open their minds. This will result in them giving you good ideas, etc.

Furthermore, this can be a good catch-up session for the employees which can allow them to talk about different things. Also, when all the employees are talking, they usually come up with the best ideas!

During team building activities

Creating a connection between your employees while working virtually can be difficult. While working in offices, employees would mingle, go out for lunches or coffee, etc. However, this is not possible while working virtually.

Also, if your employees are not associated, it can be difficult for them to work properly as well. Hence, virtual coffee sessions are the best way for them to interact. You should make groups of people (who you know will work together mostly). Hold virtual coffee sessions with them. All of this will help them talk to each other.

As they talk, they will get to know each other better and hence will be able to work together easily. These sessions are extremely important for new recruits.

To wrap it up!

Coffee is essential for anyone working. People bond over coffee; they talk about their work over coffee, come up with new ideas, etc. Thanks to virtual coffee, we haven’t lost this part of our jobs.

It is important for all businesses to focus on this as it can motivate their employees in these hard times.