What’s Next For The Events Industry?  

Almost every industry was faced with difficulties and drawbacks from the pandemic, especially the events industry.

For over 18 months, the event industry became stagnant, resulting in thousands of events, business opportunities and face to face networking capabilities being diminished. But most importantly, the employment rate was negatively affected.

However, now that the world slowly regains normality after the new infamous “Freedom Day” of July 19th, corporate and business events are slowly returning back into reality, instead of a virtual concept.

Entering the pandemic as one single corporation under three organisations, the Wahooti group were faced with a massive turnaround to their business, as each individual organisation provides bespoke products for the events industry and businesses with large format print, product branding and balloon printing.

Phil Williams, Managing Director commented;

“I am pleased to have joined the group at such an exciting and important time. With immense challenges and change among us, Wahooti’s passion for print remains the same. The acquisition of Balloons Galore will not only enhance our print offering but also offer a wider service to existing Balloons Galore customers.”

What Happened Throughout the Pandemic?

Balloons Galore played an important role during lockdown – delivering birthday gifts up and down the country, get well soon balloons and even something to let separated family and friends know that they were being thought of.

We Love Merchandise took on lots of ‘Work From Home’ projects that included plenty of gifts and tools for employees to adopt the work from home lifestyle. It kept teams on brand and on task with some motivational branded merchandise.

Wahooti continued to deliver large scale office fitouts and changes. Floor stickers for one way systems were implemented, sanitising stations installed and large social distancing notices displayed through shops and public areas.

As corporate events begin to regain momentum, it is exciting to see the developments of what’s to come for businesses, events and networking for the remainder of 2021 and beyond.