What Would Your Profile Look Like If There Was A Tinder For Employee Recruitment?

Tinder Russia

Tinder is a weird and wonderful place, and if you’ve ever paid a visit, you’ll have gone through some weird and wonderful profiles.

Some say there should be a Tinder for businesses so that you can get a better picture of what a company is like before joining them. If you were to have one, what would your Tinder profile say about your business if you needed to sell yourself as an employer?

The next best thing a browsing employee has to scope out a business is their website, which isn’t always geared up towards recruitment, more so the sales they’re hoping to make.

So, we’re going to explore how you can make your business more attractive and some of the things potential employees may look for if you had a Tinder dating profile.

Making Their Life Easier

Make your company as attractive as possible by promoting how you’ll make their life easier – coming to work isn’t necessarily easy, we all know that. At the minute, one of the easiest ways to make an employee’s life easier is to respect their flexible working requests – two-thirds of employees want post-pandemic flexible work to stay.

And it’s not that hard to achieve. Most brands soon realized that working from home and using Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and even virtual offices was just as effective, if not more effective than bringing employees into the office.

You might also want to consider company cars, comprehensive medical cover, free office equipment if you require employees to work from home – the list of small things you can do to keep employees happy is endless.

Make Their Time Rewarding

Making time at work seem more rewarding is one of the best things you can do to make your company more attractive to work for – yet only 41% of employees feel their company appropriately rewards them for the work they do. Yet, according to the same study, 90% of businesses have an employee rewards program in place.

Gone are the days of a salary and a small bonus at the end of the month being enough, especially as responsibility and pressure within a role grow. An employee engagement platform offered by Incentivesmart aims to eliminate worries over insufficient rewards by adopting the points-based reward system. Point-based benefits foster a better and more productive working relationship between you and your employees while doing it fairly.

Show You Have A Good Working Life To Offer

A great working life makes our list because it’s an essential factor for employees. One study found that 74% of employees think a good working environment is a key to business success, and 60% of employees think their colleagues are the key factor to their job satisfaction.

You can’t change your current employees – but you can make the working life more appealing. Hosting team building days, team lunches out, business trips, relaxed seating in the office – there’s a myriad of things you can do to make the working environment more inclusive and based around inter-employee relationships rather than the job role itself.

Studies show that if you can find the sweet spot for keeping employees happy and consistently keep them happy, you’ll outperform other companies by 202%.

A Tinder for businesses would be an interesting place indeed. All you need to do is look at Fortune’s 100 list of best companies to work for to see the sheer diversity between what each brand can offer their employees. As a baseline, however, rewards, flexibility, and inclusiveness sit at the top of the list of things to include on your business Tinder dating profile.