What type of jobs awaits mathematicians


Of all the majors available to study, choosing to get a bachelor’s degree in math can be quite promising.

The people that have the mental prowess and talents to deal with calculations of all sorts can expect a promising career when they graduate. If this is your current field of study, then you will have a lot of job options to choose from.

Some mathematicians go for ordinary jobs, while others reach out higher and go for the unconventional lines of work. So, here’s a list of some of the jobs that await any aspiring mathematician:

Baseball Analyst

Surprisingly, there is a need for mathematicians in baseball as analysts, also known as sabermetricians. Their job description states that they are in charge of developing statistical records for each player in major league baseball to use that information to help each team optimize their resources accordingly.

An effective and informative analysis report would be needed to help coaches make decisions as it will explain every positive option that they could go for when it comes to their strategies.

This information is extremely important because coaches want to know each player’s strengths, their on-base percentage, pitcher tendencies, and other attributes that can be important to every coach’s game plan.

Software Developer

Being a software developer is about more than just making new software programs. The people in this line of work need to have excellent math skills along with their programming talents because the job is based on writing code all the time, which involves a lot of numbers.

Also, they would need to work on finding the sig fig within their numbers to understand their value and write the code correctly. These calculations can be quite easy for a mathematician.

Having a decent background in math will also allow you to engage in technical discussions, design programs from scratch, and create helpful apps and software that can assist numerous people in their jobs and daily tasks on a computer system.


Choosing to be a criminologist is admirable because you will be doing your best efforts to fight crime by understanding different mathematical calculations. These calculations and analyses are needed to determine which course of action is best to design neighborhoods properly that discourage criminal activity.

All of this information is gathered through calculations, deep patterns, and analyzing behavior tendencies in people. In that sense, having a background in math can be extremely helpful to use your talents as powerful tools to minimize crime and keep neighborhoods safe.

All of the analyses you come up with can be extremely helpful for law enforcement officers and mayors as well. It helps them generate the best strategy based on the crime activity data you’ve provided.


You need a considerable amount of statistical and mathematical knowledge if you want to be a statistician. Your job would be to collect, interpret, analyze, and present detailed statistics and quantitative data that can be helpful for numerous industries. Whether it’s healthcare, banking, sports, financing, or governmental institutes.

You will be in charge of collecting this data and making it presentable and clear to your managers and bosses. The information could be generated from contextual analysis, surveys, and experiments.

To present it right, you will need to create thorough and comprehensible reports that are easy to read and understand. You will also advise everyone on what to do based on these important analytical data.

Pyrotechnics Expert

When you’re a pyrotechnics expert, you’d be dealing with a lot of explosive materials used in manufacturing the best types of fireworks, special effects for shows or stunts, and explosives. This is the science of calculating and understanding how much materials you need and how to manipulate them to make specific shapes.

You will need to be accurate and you must have a high degree of precision when you’re creating these fireworks. Also, you’d create explosives that are used in the controlled demolition of buildings. You need to calculate every aspect of this thoroughly to make sure everyone is safe, and the building gets demolished right.

Finally, you’d help movies, shows, and live concerts create the best special effects. You need accurate calculations for these stunts too.

It’s safe to say that studying math can help you improve your talents, problem-solving techniques, logical thinking abilities, and decision-making skills. Every employer is looking for these traits in their applicants.

However, most employers may accept someone else’s application even if they had a bachelor’s degree in something else other than math. This means that some of these jobs weren’t created specifically for mathematicians but having that background can surely help tremendously.

Photo by ThisIsEngineering from Pexels