What Makes Offshore Sportsbooks So Good?

Selecting a trustworthy and safe sportsbook operator is essential while partaking in sports betting.

Sports betting has become a global phenomenon the value of which is difficult to pinpoint – market surveys speak about billions being wagered globally, but the true extent of sports gambling worldwide is rather difficult to tell with certainty.

It’s huge if this has ever been a good way to assess a multi-billion industry. Part of this has to do with the dynamic nature of the activity, and the advance of technologies that allow sports fans to place their wagers remotely. Some of the businesses to have pioneered this type of wagering are the offshore sportsbooks that started it all more than 30 years ago.

Offshore sportsbooks have defied challenges and they continue to dictate the day-to-day of the sports gambling industry to this very day, setting trends and providing sports fans with some of the best fixtures on their favorite sports events, so much that offshore sportsbooks remain one of the best sources of odds, giving you good coefficients when it comes to the value on each individual wager.

Sportsbooks Dictate the Best Odds to This Very Day

As mentioned, offshore sportsbooks tend to have some of the best odds for most events out there. There are several reasons why this is. Offshore sportsbooks have been around for decades, crafting and putting together some of the most dedicated trading teams the industry has to offer.

This has translated into a net gain for sports fans who enjoy some of the best odds for their favorite events. It’s true that offshore sportsbooks are massively putting forward some of the best coefficients on individual events, which makes them very tempting for sports fans who are keen to get more bang for their buck.

Of course, this is not to say that these businesses automatically run every line better than others, but they usually provide clear and meaningful value on every bet you make. Although caution is still advisable when picking a selection, offshore bookies will give you great flexibility when on the hunt for the best types of odds.

Great Selection and Market Coverage

Another clear advantage of offshore sportsbooks against many mainland alternatives is that they can provide you with odds on some of the more exotic activities out there. Such include options such as entertainment and even political betting. Sports betting is still a focus, but offshore bookies are seldom constrained by what markets are allowed and what aren’t.

They have the complete freedom to choose the fixtures, lines, and types of contests they wish to cover. This gives them greater flexibility and brings excellent value to sports fans who are eager to place their favorite wagers unrestricted. These top 10 offshore sportsbooks will make sure that you have access to all of this and so much more.

The fact that offshore means greater freedom in terms of the available wagers has long appealed to sports fans from all over the world, and it’s safe to say that these bookies are often uncontested when it comes to the sheer market diversity they bring to the table.

Much Lower Rates and Fees to Pay

To help elevate the experience for their customers, offshore sportsbooks are charging a much lower fee on every single wager, commonly referred to as vigorish, vig, or juice. This gives you even greater value on each individual bet you place and is often an incentive to explore offshore betting in the first place. Because of their status, these types of sportsbooks do not have to face the same hefty taxes and usually have more money to throw around and make sure that bettors are having a good time.

In other words, you don’t have to worry about losing money on every wager you place – at least not on the sportsbook, and not as much as the standard bookies’ mainland charge. Of course, offshore sportsbooks will vary, and you always must check what the actual vig is before you go ahead and commit to any one website.

Fast and Effortless Banking Methods

Another boon to the offshore sports betting industry is that it has taught itself how to make payments lightning fast. Most websites realize that they need to offer a payment infrastructure that will allow you to move money in and out as you please and without any unnecessary hassle.

This is why these companies have made sure to provide players with a banking and payment system that is easy to use and usually offers much higher limits. In other words, you can deposit more and withdraw more. The checks that you need to pass are usually kept to a minimum, although KYC and AML verifications do exist with offshore bookmakers, so you need to be prepared for that.

However, they are usually very fast and will not take too long to cash out your winnings. Besides, the amounts that you can move are much bigger, which is an added advantage to the sports bettor as well.

Better Limits and Payouts on Individual Wagers

One other thing that should have been mentioned is not just that you get better odds on individual wagers. The maximum bets you can place on these wagers tend to be somewhat better as well. This means that you can bring your high-rolling wagers to the offshore sportsbooks and expect to be paid out in full if you end up winning.

Offshore operators are keen to accept such wagers – and pay you out in full owing to the great publicity this creates. Not even the more challenging markets are something that offshore companies shy from. If you want to be in the US Presidency, you can do so offshore, with the odds priced remarkably well to the actual outcome of the event. Betting on politics is already very popular in Europe.

There are of course some upsets, but this is the nature of betting in general. If you are looking to make the most out of your sports or political, or even entertainment-type of betting, offshore bookies may indeed be the go-to solution for you.

Pick an Offshore Site? Yes, Please!

Offshore bookies have so much value to offer to players. You get to enjoy a smooth experience from the moment you start betting to the moment you cash out your winnings. Whether you are wagering on the Super Bowl or March Madness, or a political race, you get to benefit from some of the best and most worthwhile wagers.