What made chess the phenomenon that it has become?


The glorious game of chess is clearly a cultural phenomenon that has been around for centuries now and is still thriving today.

But what’s the reason for such persistent success? Is it simply the accessibility or the challenge? And where to look if you decided to dive in and buy a chess board?. Let’s break it down a little to see what we are really dealing with when we open that chess set.

A brief look back

Chess has been around for so long, that it has seen civilizations rise and fall. Literally. But the game itself has changed and adapted to different cultures throughout its long and rich life. The earliest version of chess originated in India, around the 6th century AD, and travelled along the Silk Road, sprouting roots and morphing into alternate versions of the original.

There have been many changes in the basic rules and moves of the chess pieces, but the last established version was finalized in Europe around the 15th Century. The look has changed a few times as well, but the chess pieces we are used to are called “Staunton” and came about in the 19th century and are still popular as ever. Nowadays we have a very wide variety of styles and materials to choose from, but first, let’s see what is so special about a board game that won over millions of people!

Why is chess good for brain workout?

Chess can become a great tool for your brain if you know how to use it. It involves processes that are vital for keeping your brain alert and sharp, regardless of age. For young people and children, it’s an endless resource of learning tactics. As well as a great way to stretch the strategic muscle. In order to play chess successfully, you have to see at least 3-4 moves ahead, plus, have a general strategy. In order to corner your opponent, it is often necessary to make sacrifices along the way. All that teaches a child basic life skills that are bound to come in handy later in life. That’s why in several countries chess has become a part of the curriculum in all schools, as opposed to just being an after-school club.

For the elderly, in addition to brain activity, chess provides that much needed social aspect. The possibilities are endless. You can teach your children and grandchildren, play with the chaps down at the park, or even volunteer at the local school! It’s such a great outlet to improve your memory and have fun in the process.

So tactics, long term strategy, memory and basic math for calculating the moves, not to mention socializing and making new friends. Is there a downside at all? Doubtful.

Where to find great chess sets?

The UK has been home to chess culture since the middle ages and has an active chess community to this day. So, as you might imagine, the market is rather diverse. But which chess shops have more to offer for any taste and budget? Now that’s another important part of the discussion. If you are looking to buy chess set, you are sure to stumble upon Kaoori shop, which is one of the best chess shop London has to offer. Are you on the hunt for quality chess sets, and at the same time don’t want to run the risk of bankruptcy? Be sure to check it out.

There are many reasons why Kaoori is your one-stop-shop for chess. Along with all the mentioned above arguments, Kaoori’s products are made in the UK & EU, making them full contributors to the European economy. Both manufacturing and distribution are fully arranged here.

Along with free shipping across the UK and EU, 30-day return policy and 24/7 customer support, they are really on the top of the competition, bringing value and quality to the table of the chess industry.

Which chess to choose?

As we mentioned before, Kaoori has a set for every taste and pocket, so let’s go over a few options just to give you something to go on.

You can arrange your preferences virtually by any standard. The material, the purpose, the size, etc. The most popular choices are the following:

Wooden chess sets

These are naturally the crowd favourites. Coming in all different sizes and styles, this fundamental category has won a place in our hearts for good. Wooden chess boards can be folding, or non-folding, low budget, or luxurious. This material has been a primary source of inspiration for many craftsmen and is still unsurpassed today. Kaoori’s artisans have long proven their skills when it comes to carving unique and high-quality chess sets. So check them out to see which style is closest to your heart.

Travel chess sets

This great option is for those who like to be on the road with friends and family. This type of chess sets usually comes with a folding board or a soft vinyl roll-up board, so it’s comfortable to have at hand during those long train rides, or lengthy flights. It will entertain both children and adults, training your thinking and memory along the way.

Antique and luxury sets

This style is more suited for connoisseurs, who have more than one chess set at home. These sets are meant to be displayed with pride and catch the eyes of your guests and friends. Antique chess sets contain intricately carved unique chess pieces, designed and styled in a very particular fashion. They are usually much more detailed than your average Staunton set, and are proudly passed on from generation to generation. Kaoori shop has a large selection of antique and luxury sets, so be sure to take a look!

DGT sets

This is a great option for those of you, who like to put a modern spin on this ancient game. A digital chess set basically has an electronic board, that is capable of recording and transferring your game to any device, in order to manage your learning process and enhance your skills faster. It’s a great option for a younger audience, who are trying to make the best of their options.

We went over some basic categories, all of which are available at Kaoori shop, along with other interesting options, which you should definitely take a look at if you are ready to have some chess in your life!

Regardless of what style of chess sets you prefer, by learning and playing this unique game, you become a part of the rich culture and strong community, that values the process as much as the outcome and bears witness to how a board game can survive and thrive through human history.