What Kind of Tasks Does an HRIS Help With?

Human resources are often an aspect of business that is overlooked because sectors like marketing and finance are usually at the top of the conversation.

But there are things going on behind the scenes in the human resource space that is streamlining

One of the things that we will discuss in this post is an HRIS system, or a Human
Resource Information System. The advantages of a HRIS system are apparent, and this
post will highlight some of the tasks that an HRIS can perform and help out any human
resource professionals.

Organizing Tax Forms

One task that is time consuming for a human resource professional to work on is
organizing tax forms for employees. Taxes are something human resource workers are
responsible for getting in order, and an HRIS could automate this and give employees
back some of their vital time.

It is a lot of manual work involved with tax forms and organizing them, so it is a no-
brainer to have a HRIS type of system at work so it will free up time to deal with other
problems that the system can’t do.

Managing Onboarding

Another process that is very time consuming but is not too tough to do is managing
onboarding. A good HRIS will be able to handle any mundane tasks like presenting
paperwork and organizing it, so it is saving more time for human resource employees to
work on other important tasks.

Onboarding at most companies is time consuming and it would certainly not hurt if some
of the process was automated and the HRIS system could just handle it on its own. A
good HRIS could even greet the employees that are onboarding and get them up to
speed with virtual messages and recorded videos for new employees to learn how
things will work at the company.

Recruitment Processes

The last major point that I will mention is that an HRIS could play a major role in the
recruitment process. Not only could it be helpful with organizing applicants and for
sifting through resumes, but there are some sophisticated HRIS systems that could
even sort out applicant based on a few application questions.

If an HRIS could sift through applicants and sort them in a detailed manner, then it will
save a lot of time for the human resource employees to do other recruiting tasks like
perform interviews and deal with current employees.

If you notice anything from this list, it is that all of the major tasks that an HRIS system
have in common is that it saves valuable time for employees to work on other tasks. If
an HRIS system eliminates boring and time-consuming tasks, then it definitely is worth
the investment in my opinion. It lets employees focus on more important things!
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