What is the best currency converter website?

Whether you get paid for goods or services online or you’re a regular online shopper, at some point you find yourself transacting in foreign currency.

This brings in the need to have a reliable tool that you can use to keep track of the exchange rates. In this respect, there are more than just a few online sites that can help you with this. But then again, it’s the internet, and the multiple options can be confusing.

Additionally, not all of them may provide you with accurate exchange rate information each and every time you need it. Knowing the best online currency converters will not only save time for you, but it will also enable you to transact and plan your transactions confidently while perhaps giving you some important financial insights in the process.

This having been mentioned, what is the best currency converter website? Here are some of the most reputable currency converter sites you might want to give a try.

1. Currency Converter

Currency Converter is one of the best currency converters that you will come across. It is a UK-based currency conversion site that allows you to determine the real-time exchange rates of a particular currency against hundreds of other foreign currencies. The service even allows website owners to add JavaScript snippets to HTML coding for their sites to allow users to easily access the Currency Converter site. The exchange rates information is real-time, with automatic updates every five minutes. The website also provides other useful resources to users, including currency tips, articles, currency widgets, and currency news, as well as money transfer services.

2. XE

This one is another highly popular global foreign exchange tool that you can find online. The platform is professionally designed with an easy to use interface, which is perhaps one of its most attractive features. In addition to currency conversion, the website also provides other services such as money transfer for subscribed members/users. XE is one of the most used currency conversion websites across the 6 mainland continents. 


Launched in 1996, under OANDA Corporation, OANDA is another one among the most reputed online currency calculator tools today. Like the above two, oanda provides other services such as money transfer in addition to currency conversion for more than 160 different currencies. The site also offers other crucial Forex information, including live exchange rate charts and historical exchange rates. The site also offers trading opportunities as a broker. For instance, you can choose to trade in commodities, metals, indices, Forex, and bonds, among other instruments. 

4. TransferWise

This one is yet another currency conversion website whose user interface is really appealing and easy to use. In addition to currency conversion, the site also offers Swift transfer services, where you can send or receive money. Users can also choose to open a TransferWise account or request for a TransferWise debit card (MasterCard) that you can hold or manage your money in more than 40 currencies.

5. X-Rates

Last but not least, we have X-Rates, another highly reputed online currency exchange website that is used the world over. Apart from the currency calculator that supports more than 50 currencies, the site also offers other resourceful currency exchange resources, including graphs, historical analyses, and monthly averages. Commercial X-Rates users have access to rates for just about any currency around the world.

Exchange rate information is very crucial when you want to send money, receive money, or transact in a foreign currency. But it can be a bit challenging when you don’t know where to get this information.

With the above online websites, it becomes easy to get currency exchange rates information you can trust, even on the go.