How Much Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Cost On Average?

Carpet cleaning

What is the average cost of a professional carpet cleaning service? Find out all the answers and more below.

Carpets are the soft, comfortable luxury flooring we enjoy underfoot at home, and the practical and professional flooring we enjoy in a place of business. Carpets are also pretty expensive to have laid, so you expect them to last a long time before requiring replacement. One of the easiest ways to ensure that a carpet remains in great condition is with regular professional carpet cleaning, but how much does it cost? Is it too expensive to consider as a regular expenditure? What are the benefits you get in return for that financial outlay? Read on for answers to all these questions and more:

What Is The Average Cost Of Professional Carpet Cleaning?

The only way to get an accurate quote for carpet cleaning is to have the professional cleaning company of your choice come and take a look at your carpets (they may accept measurements and images by email). The cost of cleaning will depend on a range of factors including:

  • Any large stains/ soiling of the carpet
  • If it is an ‘emergency’ clean and you need it ASAP
  • The type of carpet you need cleaning (depth of pile etc)
  • The amount of carpet that needs cleaning/ amount of rooms
  • Any specialist requirements within the environment
  • The need to treat particularly challenging stain types

To give you a rough idea, the following are professional carpet cleaning pricings from top service comparison sites:

Site One – £50 per room

Site Two – £20-£30 for a single bedroom

Site Three – £120 – £200 for a three bed house

Site Four – £4 – £5 per square metre of carpet, £75 minimum charge

The cost may also come down if you have a service package from a professional cleaning company, or if you use their services across multiple locations.

Ultimately, for the most up-to-date, accurate information you’ll want to invite the cleaning company in to take a look at your business or home to give you a bespoke quote specific to your needs.

Why Have Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Although the cost of professional carpet cleaning is, at the end of the day, a cost, it’s certainly a worthwhile expenditure for business owners, renters, or homeowners, for the following reasons:

Carpet Cleaning Removes Or Improves Stains

Carpet stains happen because life happens, but they really do bring down the look of the flooring and the surrounding space. Deep, professional carpet cleansing can budge tough debris from the carpet fibres and remove, or improve the overall appearance of the stain.

Carpet Life Is Prolonged

Replacing carpet is expensive, so it’s ideal to make the ones that you have last as long as possible. With regular vacuuming – a service available with a professional cleaning company – hard debris like tiny stones and mud are removed, preventing them from grinding the fibres down with regular footfall.

Deep cleaning can free damaging debris deeper than a vacuum can reach/ pull free, and also conditions the carpet, ensuring that it not only looks better, but is more protected and refreshed as you continue to use it daily.

Brand Image Is Maintained

A dirty, stained carpet is not a great way to make a good impression on a potential client, who is visiting your business to find out more about your company and your services. A clean, fresh, bright carpet forms part of an overall picture, representing your brand properly, letting your client know you’re dedicated to high standards.

Home Aesthetic Is Boosted

There are many different ways to enhance a home, but carpet cleaning is such an easy way to do it. With a streamlined, professional service, your home aesthetic is instantly boosted, bringing your decor style and careful house design to life.

Air Quality Is Improved

Poor air quality is responsible for millions of people every single year, and it’s down to a huge range of factors that are out of your control at home, or in an office. However, some elements are within your control, such as removing dust and allergens that hide in nooks and crannies, and commonly within carpet fibres.

Many people have a dust allergy, for example, and around 50% of adults who have asthma have a dust mite allergy. Up to 30% of the general population also have skin sensitivity to dust mites, too. Air quality in the office, or at home, is greatly improved with vacuuming and regular professional deep cleaning, removing a huge amount of dust, debris and other allergens.

Employee Morale Is Boosted

There is a lot of evidence to show a connection between employee wellness and better employee morale, productivity and innovation. It makes sense to support the health of your employees, for this reason, and a simple way to do that is with a regular carpet cleaning service. It contributes to a clean and fresh working environment, ensuring your employees know you want to provide the best possible space for them to do their best for the company.

Overall Health & Safety Is Improved

The average carpet is thought to be a massive 4,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat, with hundreds of thousands of bacteria per square inch. Professional carpet cleaning is deep, and thorough, killing and removing bacteria for an overall improvement of the health and safety of the surrounding environment.

Odours Are Eliminated

Bad smells can be a result of dirt and debris in the carpet, especially if the smells are a result of pet accidents, or old food and liquids. Carpet cleaning eliminates those odours, for a fresher smell and cleaner feel in the home, or office.

Quick & Convenient

Professional carpet cleaning is incredibly refined, and is far quicker and easier compared to trying to do the job yourself. Safe, effective cleaning solutions are used to gently cleanse and steam the carpet, removing debris, removing or reducing stains, brightening up the colours in the flooring and removing nasty odours.

The drying process is just as well-designed, using industrial machines that can remove the moisture from the cleaned carpets, so they’re ready to be walked on again soon after treatment is complete (the cleaning company can give you a more exact time).

Even better, the more regularly a carpet is cleaned, the quicker it dries because it doesn’t require such a high strength, deep treatment every clean.

Whatever your carpet cleaning needs, a professional service can be done at a timescale that suits you, with minimal disruption of the domestic or business environment.

Why Not Get In Touch With A Professional Carpet Cleaning Company Today?

If you would love to know how much it would cost you to get the carpets in your domestic or business space cleaned, why not speak to a professional cleaning company today for a quote? With their exceptional equipment and refined processes they can bring your carpets back to life quickly and efficiently so you can enjoy an enhanced living or working environment that is fresh, smells lovely and looks much more aesthetically pleasing.