What is Industrial Biotechnology and its Examples?

Industrial biotechnology is one of the best approaches to resource conversion, cost reduction, and pollution prevention.

Many life science consulting firms are trying to research more on the industrial aspects that can be covered through biotechnology. Through years of research, biotechnologists have found out that if biotechnology is applied to its full potential in industrial elements, it can have an enormous impact on the world other than agricultural biotechnology and health care. Industrial biotechnology offers many businesses a new way to reduce costs and develop new marketplaces while protecting the environment from pollution. 

Biotechnology is currently applied in many fields, including environment, medicine, genetics, and industry. In this blog, we will discuss the examples and industrial biotechnology that helps us make our lives easier with each passing day.

Here are some of the main examples of industrial biotechnology: 


Biocatalysts are one of the primary products of industrial biotechnology that are serving all living things in the best ways possible. Biocatalysts are developed by different industrial biotechnology companies, for example, enzymes that help to synthesize many chemicals. 

In other words, enzymes are proteins produced by all kinds of living organisms. 


Fermentation is one of the examples of industrial biotechnology where a crops’ sugar is fermented into acids, which is then used as an intermediate product to make other chemicals and feedstocks for different products. Corn plants are widely used in place of petroleum to produce chemicals in huge amounts.


Since industrial biotechnology has made its way in multiple fields of science and has ever-evolving scope, it helps microorganisms as well. They can find their use in the production of chemicals for the manufacture and design of plastics. Not only this, but this technology helps the development of new sustainable energy sources such as biofuels. 


Examples of biotechnology in the field of energy occur in both the conventional fossil fuel and the renewable energy sector of the industry. It would be safe to say that industrial biotechnology is playing a vital role in extracting valuable materials from deposits buried below the surface of the earth. 

Let’s talk about ethanol which is widely known as a renewable fuel. Its production is increasing rapidly due to the need for transportation fuels. Ethanol can be largely produced by the fermentation of sugars which can be obtained from cornstarch. 

To Tie It All Up

Considering all the applications and benefits of biotechnology, the fact cannot be denied that this field has a larger impact on the industry, which makes our lives better. Many biotechnology consulting firms are working to make betterments and come up with new discoveries after performing multiple tests and researches which help us in all ways possible.