What is cloud mining


What are the advantages of cryptocurrency cloud mining?

It is a common question asked by those who look for the best cloud mining websites. In this review, we try exploring all the pros of Bitcoin mining without gear using cloud technologies.

BTC mining is one of few ways you can acquire cryptocurrency without directly purchasing it on the exchange stocks and trading platforms. Since the crypto industry has been dominated by big money interests, classical mining schemes are no more available to common people. Anyway, it is not over yet. There is an option that enables mining cryptocurrency without high investments, and this is cloud mining.

First, let’s briefly describe what crypto cloud mining is. In fact, we deal with breakthrough technology. The key idea here is using mining capacities owned by large companies that run and maintain their own hardware in the remote Data centers. At a closer look, cloud mining is a classical cloud computing service. And it brings customers a lot of benefits, both money and convenience. With cloud mining, you don’t have to worry about purchasing and installing any machines, calculating an energy balance, and so on. Just deposit, buy a contract and get the steady income from cryptocurrency mining directly to your BTC wallet (or via credit card). Most cloud mining providers pay out the rewards in crypto on a daily basis.

So what are the benefits of cloud mining?

  • Low entry-amount.
  • Reduced costs of cloud mining contracts.
  • Technical knowledge is not required.
  • You don’t have to buy any hardware or software for cloud mining.
  • Get involved in the mining process without cooling fans and chilling towers.
  • Pretty easy to start.
  • You get stable passive income without high investments.
  • Technical support on the provider’s website is available 24/7.

There are two popular models of cloud mining. Hosted mining is pretty hard for beginners while renting hash power is the best option available absolutely for everyone. Using it, you can earn cryptocurrency with zero specific knowledge and skills. The whole process starts right away when you purchase a chosen plan and lease a miner. With trusted legit websites you can easily make a monthly income from cloud mining. The average profitability rates start from 140-150%. And it’s the best way to make money, literally doing nothing.


With ever-rising electricity and mining hardware prices, cloud mining technology looks like the best option. That one is affordable for all kinds of cryptocurrency investors, both pros and beginners. It is a brilliant alternative to purchasing and maintaining mining rigs by yourself. At a closer look, return from a cloud mining contract is a little bit higher than buying your own equipment (and there are zero issues, by the way). The good profitability rate under the right-chosen contract is the other benefit of cloud mining. All you have to do to make crypto from any place globally is to choose a trusted providing company with reasonable prices and profitable plan options. We strongly encourage you to choose entirely legit cloud mining websites in good standing.