What Could VR Do For Casino Business

Online casino

We have long awaited the arrival of virtual reality (VR) to our online casinos and it seems the day still hasn’t quite arrived yet.

With virtual reality technology rapidly developing, as casino fans we had hopes that it would have entered the gambling industry to completely revolutionise the way we play casino games. But it seems that the introduction of VR in online casinos has not yet been made and there’s no confirmation of when this might happen.

Virtual reality is not detrimental to the industry, we still enjoy playing at online casinos, with all the new exciting games and huge bonuses they offer us, like the ones at casinoonlinein.com. Despite this, it is interesting to see just how much VR could change online casinos in a positive way and whether it would attract more customers.


If VR could work in casinos then certainly the graphics would be phenomenal, a lot better than most people’s phones or monitors. This would not be easy to do though, trying to replicate 4K graphics for example so it is like a new video game. The point of VR is to really make you feel like you are there in the moment. In this instance, you would expect to get the feeling like you are sitting in a real casino, with other players and access to table games, slot games, a bar, toilets and more.

If VR could recreate this and you can do even just the little things like scanning a casino membership card or purchasing a drink at the bar, then this would really impress players and improve online casinos as a whole, which would be great for the big businesses invested in this industry. Perhaps VR casinos could actually become a social event, where friends meet up to play, just like they would on an Xbox or Playstation, they could meet up, talk and then play some of the casino games together. 


A big issue that will need to be addressed is how accessible the VR technology will be. This technology requires the user to have VR headsets, which aren’t cheap. Players who want to experience VR casinos will need to spend their money on getting the headsets in before they can play.

This isn’t ideal considering that if they really wanted to experience what a land casino was like, they could simply walk in one for free. Maybe in the future there is a way to make VR cheaper for players so more can enjoy it. Or perhaps they can be included in some sort of casino loyalty program. 


VR casino technology will allow for games to be more creative and have extra features that will make them more enjoyable for players. This is both a win-win for the casino and player. Better games makes the player have a more exciting gaming experience, whilst the casinos can profit off customers playing for longer.

What can we expect from VR games then? Well, with online slot games we could see special features and effects popping out of the screen to feel like it is happening right in front of our faces. When we access bonus features of slots, game developers could get really creative and almost send players into some new universe with the slot characters and make them get involved with the game more.

There are a whole bunch of ways in which casino game developers could really enhance the casino games through virtual reality. It would make it so much more enjoyable for players and bring in a lot of new business.


Thanks to live casino games, online casino gaming no longer has to feel like an isolated experience. You have the option to chat to other players. One step further from this would be actually seeing them. With virtual reality, you would be able to see them as an avatar, allowing players to interact with each other and more importantly present themselves however they like.