What Barcodes mean to us today


UPC barcodes have played a decisive role in our lives from as far back as 1974 when the first one was scanned at a Marsh Supermarket in Ohio, America.

Over the years, technology has advanced in leaps and bounds, which has led to new developments.  New and more complex formats have been created and designers have developed new ways of using the already existing barcodes. The use of barcodes in society has changed the way we live our lives in these modern times. They are often taken for granted and we do not even see the way they affect our lives. What do barcodes mean for society today?  How have they changed the way we do business and make money?  www.barcodessouthafrica.co.za is here to tell you more about how barcodes can revolutionise your small business and bring you into the modern 21st century.

Barcodes mean that businesses today are able to save a lot of time and money. In this way, businesses are given the financial boost they need in order to ensure their ongoing  success. One dimensional format such as the very popular UPC and EAN are used in small businesses in order to ensure that the sale process is smooth and efficient. All sales assistants have to do in order to sell a specific product is to scan it with a scanner and it will automatically be loaded onto the sales screen. The result of this is that clients are saved time and the business is saved money. Ringing items up with UPC barcodes limits the number of mistakes that sales assistants make.  In the past, it was necessary to manually ring up each item.  This took time and led to many mistakes being made. Using barcodes lowers the chance of under-charging or over-charging a client, which boosts the sales of the business and enhances the business’s reputation.

This also mean that businesses are able to help with your search of stock and inventory.  EAN and UPC are used to ensure that you as the business owner has complete control over your stock and know when it is necessary to re-order each specific product.  A well-stocked shop encourages clients to return and become regulars.  If they know that they can get everything they need and want from your store, why would they want to go elsewhere?

For clients, this mean shorter queues and less time wasted in our day to day errands. And have made the checkout and point of sale process so fast and efficient that long queues are almost a thing of the past. Online you will find reputable barcode resellers that provide top quality EAN & UPC barcodes throughout South Africa. They work in America as well as throughout the world. They are 13 and 12 digits long respectively.

Initiating a barcoding system within your business will mean that more retailers will take you seriously and will open new doors for you as your products will present with a professional look due to already having UPC barcodes registered and placed on your products.  Many retailers will only stock your products if they have registered barcodes. Having all their products complete helps retailers to provide the best quality service possible to their clients. By barcoding your products you will encourage more and more retailers to stock your products, which in turn, will increase client’s awareness of your business and boost your profit margin.

Barcodes have opened up new levels of inspiration for artists and designers throughout the world. Artists such as street artists are using codes as their inspiration in designing and creating graffiti.  Interior designers have also jumped onto the bandwagon and have used the minimalism and straight lines in their design of homes.  Architects are designing buildings with UPC barcodes in mind. The most famous example of this is the Shtrikh Kod building in St. Petersburg, Russia that was designed in 2007 by Vitruvius & Sons. Even Beauty Salons have become involved in this revolution.  You can now have your nails painted with the stark lines of barcodes. Tattoos with this design are also becoming very popular.  They are designed with the minimalist black stripes as inspiration. In addition, barcodes are being used in hospitals worldwide in order to save lives.

As technology has developed, they have come up with more complex, two dimensional formats. The most popular of these barcodes is the Quick Response code. This is a square image that contains white dots against a black background and is able to be scanned by a Smartphone. They are being used extensively throughout the world.  There are many ways that this QR code has changed our everyday lives. The most widespread use of them is in payment applications such as Snapscan.  This is  an application whereby you can pay for your purchases by simply scanning a QR code with your Smartphone and following the prompts.  It has revolutionised the checkout process in many retailers and has given clients more choices of how to pay.  Many clients are moving away from having to carry their cards and cash around with them and prefer to simply use their phone to pay.

There are a few companies who are fully capable and happy to provide you with the best quality QR codes.  These codes are usually linked to a business website.  By scanning your unique QR code, clients will have access to information about your business, what you offer, your price lists as well as any promotions or specials you are currently running. In this way QR codes can be used to promote your business in the community and boost your reputation.

In conclusion, barcodes mean the world to us all.  They have changed our lives for the better and enabled us to lead efficient, successful lives in these modern times. We are here to show you all the many ways that you can use them to boost your business.