What Are the Most Important Uses for Industrial Hoses?

Industrial hoses are not just flexible tubes. They are of primary importance in the industry.

They act as transfer lines and serve various applications. Industrial hoses are a major part of all kinds of industries. Every industry has its own set of needs and requirements and based on that, it requires hoses. There are a huge variety of hoses available in the market each of which is different in material and size. Depending on your operation, you need to see your hoses. Hoses can also be classified based on their uses. So, let us have a look at the different types of hoses along with their individual functions.

Different types of hoses and their uses:

Hoses are a very important part of many industries. They are required for the proper functioning of the industries. Industrial hoses are required for the transfer of air, water, chemicals, petroleum, bulk materials, etc. Choosing the right hose for your project is important. Using the wrong hose can cause a lot of damage to your project.

So, let us have a look at some of the most important types of hoses available at Holmes Hose and their applications:

Chemical transfer hoses: These hoses are used to transfer a huge variety of industrial chemicals. They are often used in suction surface pressure and gravity flow. As you know, handling chemicals can be quite dangerous. So, your hose should be built in such a way that it has the ability to withstand heavy pressure.

Petroleum transfer hoses: They are mainly used for transferring petroleum, gas, oil and other similar solvents in various Industries. You will mainly find petroleum transfer hoses in the agricultural industries, factories, construction sites, mines, railroads, quarries and so on. These hoses are made of heavy-duty tubes and can transfer material at very high temperatures. You can also use this kind of hose to transfer hot oil, tar and asphalt. They are also suitable for discharge and suction. Petroleum transfer hoses are mainly made of synthetic rubber. They also have high oil resistance.

Steam hoses: Steam hoses are mainly used for steam services. They can be used for pressure washing, steam cleaning, heat control, pumping, fire prevention, chemical plants and refineries. They are also made of synthetic rubber. They also have steel wire attached to them so that the steam can easily be transferred across various departments in the industry. The hoses are also quite important from an industrial point of view.

Food Grade Hoses: Food grade hoses are responsible for transferring edible materials from the tanks of trucks to plant services. These are basically suction and discharge hoses that transfer all types of edible material whether it is dry or liquid. They are a very important part of the food and beverage industry. Food hoses must be in compliance with FDA. They are also made with synthetic rubber. Some of the common materials used are white and clear PVC, nitrile and neoprene.

Abrasive material hoses: Abrasive material hoses are heavy-duty horses that are extremely sturdy. They are responsible for transferring coarse and non-oily abrasive materials like chips, rocks, sludge, tar and plastic pallets. These hoses are extremely important in construction sites where the transfer of bulk material is required. They are mostly made of thick rubber. These kinds of horses have a finite life cycle and they need to be replaced after a certain duration of time. The service life of these hoses depends on the hours of operations and the operating conditions.

Air hoses: Air hoses are mainly used for air service, pneumatic tools, compressor lines, low-pressure spray and much more. These hoses are quite flexible and will serve your needs perfectly. You can use air hoses in various industries. They are required in construction sites, agricultural fields, garages and other industries for multiple applications. These hoses are completely non-conductive and can be used to smoothen business operations. They can be made out of a variety of materials. Air hoses are also quite sturdy. They have really good longevity.

Water hoses: Water hoses are the most frequently used hoses in various industries. These hoses are used for multiple purposes and are also quite efficient. Using water hoses, you will be able to transfer water across various locations. Water hoses are mostly found in fire departments, agricultural sites, construction sites, etc. These hoses are completely non-conductive. They are also quite resistant to oil.

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You can also use these water hoses for septic tank cleaning and other general industrial applications where chemical resistance is required.

And these are some of the most common types of hoses along with their industrial uses. If you have any other type of hose in mind, do let us know.