What Are Some New Emerging Business Sectors to Invest with in 2021?

2020 was a strange year for businesses and people in general thanks to COVID-19.

The way companies have been left to deal with the fall out following the outbreak, all be it with help from the government in some situations, may have seen people lose confidence in the emerging business sector.

However, with challenges, comes opportunity and there are sure to be some new, emerging business sectors in which to invest in 2021. Perhaps some people have lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic and have decided to start their own businesses or those who have funds to invest are looking for new companies rather than the big names already on the market.

Either way, 2021 is looking like a great year for emerging business sector investment and one of the leading sectors to emerge is biotechnology. The biotech industry has been in the news more than ever thanks to the pandemic and this has attracted investors and entrepreneurs. Grand View Research released a report that said they expect to see the global biotechnology market reach $727.1 billion by 2025, at a compound annual growth rate of 7.4%. That is huge potential and if you are interested in discovering some of the biotech companies in which to invest, the trading apps on stockapps.com are a good place to start.

An emerging business sector which also has links to the COVID-19 outbreak is telemedicine. Also known as telehealth, this uses information technology and software to provide long-distance healthcare and education. Telemedicine provides a convenient and cost effective way for doctors and patients to come together and provide consultations and treatments. Not only does this have cost saving benefits for the health care services but also the insurance companies, who are sure to be backing the future of telemedicine. In the United States, according to a report by Frost & Sullivan, the demand for telemedicine went up by 64.3% in 2020. Clearly the COVID-19 pandemic had a role to play in that figure but many doctors and patients will continue to use the technology in the future. There are still obstacles to overcome to make telemedicine perfect but it is an emerging sector which is worth serious consideration for investors in 2021.

Cryptocurrency may not be a new business sector for those in the know but as an outsider, this is something you are sure to have seen in the news but have yet to really discover. Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that performs in much the same way as normal currency but in the online world. Bitcoin is the most widely used cryptocurrency and investors have enjoyed huge gains over the last few years. It is possible to purchase units of bitcoin as an investment and this is a good start in the journey to the stock market. However, it is worth noting the cryptocurrency market is high and there is a possibility you could buy at the high end, meaning a loss of money if the value drops.

Detailed research and expert advice is key when investing as there is always risk involved.