What are CRB checks and how does it work in the UK


More often than not, employers and various organizations conduct a character reference verification among potential candidates vying for a certain position to ensure that they will be able to hire individuals who are the best fit for an open position.

In the United Kingdom though, a character reference verification proves to be insufficient, particularly for certain job roles. This article delves into the DBS certificates as well as the process of acquiring them in the UK.

DBS Checks

A DBS check stands for the Disclosure and Barring Service check, which is a process that yields a certificate displaying the record of a person’s criminal convictions and cautions. Previously, it was referred to as the CRB check, which stands for the Criminal Records Bureau check. Even with a change in the name though, the function of the process remains the same.

Job Roles that Require a DBS Certificate

Job roles that entail the need for the employee to work with a child or a vulnerable adult often require a DBS certificate. Thus, teachers and childminders, as well as social workers and foster carers. Even medical professionals may need to fill out a DBS form to get a certificate before they practice their profession in a healthcare organization. This is meant to ensure that they will be working in a manner that protects the best interest of their patients and the people that they need to care for.

Individual DBS Certificate

Usually, a DBS check is performed by a company or an organization, but you can also acquire a DBS certificate individually. In this case, you can perform a DBS or a CRB check online by visiting accredited websites. Although this will not require you to process any paperwork, what you will acquire is only a basic disclosure. There is still a great chance that employers will still complete their own check process before hiring you for a specific position.

Types of DBS Checks

There are various types of DBS checks that you need to be aware of, which often depends on the specific job role that needs to be filled. A standard DBS check covers both spent and unspent convictions, as well as reprimands and cautions. This record also includes any final warnings. There is also the enhanced DBS check which encompasses all the information covered by the standard DBS check, including any relevant information that may still be held by the police. Finally, there is also the enhanced DBS check with list checks that covers everything that an enhanced DBS check covers, alongside a check of DBS barred lists.

The Bottomline

While there is the option for you to acquire a DBS certificate individually, it is still best for you to adhere to the process leveraged by the company that you intend to join. In this case, not only will you be able to save a decent sum from the processing fees, but you are sure that you can provide the specific requirement that your potential employer needs. Rest assured that should you see any discrepancies or inaccuracies in the report, you will be able to appeal it accordingly.