WebWork’s Impact on Remote Teams’ Management

When the pandemic began, enterprises loaded teams up with tools and apps that were meant to help them stay connected and organised remotely.

Today, remote work has become the norm for many companies across different industries.

And remote working environments request new technologies that will help companies embrace more flexible working hours while working at home.

Tracking and managing your remote workforce with a remote employee monitoring tool is a well-known way to increase your company’s productivity.

But what tool should you choose for managing your remote employees’ time without sabotaging their productivity?

In this article, we are going to talk about WebWork, time tracking, task management, and employee monitoring software. With this tool, we are sure you will have a clear picture of crucial data for your business.

What is WebWork Time Tracker?

Among its features, WebWork Time Tracker can track time, manage tasks, and monitor employees for companies and remote teams by doing the following:

  • Productivity Monitoring
  • Time Tracking with Screenshots
  • Attendance Monitoring
  • Centralized Communication Channels
  • Organized Leave Management

Let’s explore each in more detail.

Productivity Monitoring

Webwork can help you improve the productivity of your remote workers and make adjustments so that you can become even more productive in the future.

Let’s examine this.

Most employee monitoring tools additionally provide categorization for app and website usage. Websites and applications can be configured to be neutral, productive, or nonproductive.

You can also see the number of keystrokes and mouse movements, the number of minutes spent using various apps and websites indicated by their labels, and the degree of activity.

You can identify which employees are productive and which ones waste your business’s resources thanks to the entire procedure. So that you can make the adjustments required to achieve your company’s goals.

Time Tracking with Screenshots

Utilize screenshots that were taken at random to keep tabs on how your employees are using their work time and make sure they are still productive when working remotely.

You can select from four snapshot options in the WebWork tracker to get additional information about the recorded hours, the amount of activity, and much more.

  • Screenshot Mode

 When your team members use Desktop Tracker, the software starts taking screenshots of the screen at random every 10 to 15 minutes. Your team members are informed when the photo is taken via a little pop-up. After evaluating it, they can decide whether to preserve or delete the picture. Additionally, they may type, zoom, or change the activity description.

  • Background Mode

The Tracker will secretly capture a snapshot in the background without telling your team members when one is taken. With less need to bother about screenshots every ten minutes, it will be simpler to concentrate on the task at hand. They can subsequently review their screenshots on the Screenshot Report page.

You may click on any of the screenshots for more details and information, such as the project and task that the individual is working on, their productivity level, their most frequently used websites and apps, and how many keystrokes and mouse clicks were used for each.

  • Blurred Mode

The screenshots are identical to those that are taken in Screenshot mode, however they appear blurry on your Screenshot Report page. Your team member will have the choice to maintain the confidentiality of his or her work as a result.

  • No Screenshot Mode

 While still keeping track of your employee’s working hours, activity level, and apps and websites used, WebWork Time Tracker’s No Screenshot option doesn’t allow screenshots to be taken.

This is the greatest choice if you want to keep a high level of privacy while yet keeping an eye on what your team members are doing.

Attendance Monitoring

You can easily monitor attendance among remote employees and be in the know when your workers start and finish their working day.

Utilize WebWork’s attendance monitoring to precisely record every employee’s attendance.

Easy setup, automated check-in and check-out, and thorough reporting allow you to view the beginning and ending of your employees’ workdays in a well-structured format.

Early departure, late arriving, and less tracking filters are available in the drop-down list of the WebWork Attendance Monitoring program so you can easily filter out the information you need. Moreover, you can track attendance on a daily basis or for a specific interval.

Centralized Communication Channels

The main issue that stops more companies from adopting remote environment is the fear of altered communication. However, with the right employee monitoring tool, you can easily communicate with your employees and make sure no one misses any information.

WebWork has a team chat and a video chat implemented in its software to centralize your team’s communication.

You can chat with your remote employees in private messages, group chats or via a video call right inside WebWork, without having to switch between apps.

Organized Leave Management

You can manage vacations and PTO in your organization using WebWork.

Employees can submit requests for time off and vacation directly from the app. A configurable multilayer approval procedure with automatic alerts is also offered by the app.

Any type of absence, including PTO, sick leave, maternity leave, vacations, personal days, and many more, can be managed with WebWork.

What are the benefits of using WebWork for your remote team?

Help remote employees keep work-life balance

Research shows that maintaining a healthy work-life balance among workers has a significant influence on their productivity and retention rates in addition to their health and wellbeing. Employers who use an employee monitoring tool can help remote employees achieve greater work-life balance.

It may be challenging to see how you spend your day while working from home. With a monitoring tool, remote workers can get an overall picture of their performance, tasks, and spent working hours.

Employees can track the tasks and activities that take up most of their time and try to adjust their working day accordingly.

This way employees can be productive and still maintain a work-life balance.

This is how it helps to maintain the balance.

Better manage employee workload

You can obtain an overview of how your remote employees spend their time using WebWork.

They can be focusing on less significant tasks when they should be spending more time on more important ones. By monitoring their time and examining the amount of time spent on each assignment, you may correct this.

After that, you may assist them in setting better priorities for their tasks without feeling frustrated or feel like they have a lot on their plate. Knowing how long it will take them to do a task will provide you a clear picture of their workload and make managing deadlines simpler and easier.

Prevent burnout

If left untreated, burnout is a major issue that can result in depression and anxiety problems.

One main reason for employee burnout is overworking. And with a remote environment, it can be easy to work more hours and increase the chances of burnout.

An employee monitoring tool can prevent burnout by promting pop-up messages to employees that work longer then necessary. You can also see overworking employees in the data sheet and get in touch with them to prioritize personal time.

Moreover, WebWork’s reporting allows you to see where they spent their time, and if you see any alterations you can help them fix those issues and stay productive during their working horse, thus, minimizing the need to overwork.

Provide transparency into workload

Your company becomes more transparent after you include attendance monitoring and task management into your routine. It gives you insights about tasks and their duration, enabling you to stay on top of your working process.

WebWork also provides team leaders a clearer perspective of their workers’ workloads, enabling them to maximize productivity where necessary and monitor how everyone else in the organization is performing.


Since remote work is here to stay, monitoring employee performance has become the biggest problem for businesses. But it doesn’t have to do with WebWork Time Tracker.

Daily time monitoring integrated into your workflow helps increase productivity and maintain control over your remote workforce. This is crucial if you can’t maintain regular communication with all of your staff due to time zone differences.